9 Reasons You Absolutely Need To Visit Providencia Colombia

Colombia’s Secret Paradise You Simply Can Not Miss

manzanillo beach providencia island colombia

9 Reasons You Absolutely Need To Visit Providencia Colombia

This tiny island sounded like my type of paradise the second someone had mentioned it to me.

I honestly hadn’t even heard of Providencia Island until I got to Colombia and was told by a few locals to go there while I was visiting San Andres Island.

I personally didn’t need to know 9 reasons why I should visit Providencia Colombia before making the decision to visit this Caribbean paradise.

All I saw was blue water and palm trees and my bags were packed and ready to go… but in case you do need a few reasons why you need to visit Providencia Island, then keep on reading! If you’re still not convinced, check out the 9 Best Things To Do In Providencia Island Colombia.

You won’t be sorry!

1. Live The True Island Life For A While

san andres to providencia island

You know that saying ‘Wander where the Wi-Fi is weak”? Well, you’ll have that here.

Any type of Internet connection is super slow on the islands in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, and we’re not mad about it!

Who would want to be on their phones when you have a sea of seven colors and all these incredible scenery around you!

Apart from the Wi-Fi being weak, living the true island life is so simple and fulfilling.

You’ll see kids running around and playing, everyone hanging out together outside on the streets, no stress and everyone is just happy and peaceful.

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2. Experience Creole Paradise And Step Into The Caribbean

santa catalina island providencia

I know Providencia is technically part of Colombia, but it really doesn’t feel like it at all.

Providencia Island is a tropical Caribbean paradise and feels like you’re taking a holiday from the holiday.

The locals in Providencia Island are extremely friendly and helpful, the food is exquisite, there are palm trees everywhere you turn.

Here you will experience Caribbean tropical downpour that only lasts quite literally for 5-minutes, and then it’s sunny again for the rest of the day.

You know you’re officially in the Caribbean when it rains for a couple of minutes in the middle of a perfect day!

3. Best Snorkeling And Scuba Diving In Colombia

snorkel at crab cay

Providencia has one of the biggest barrier reefs in the world, and this place is absolutely copious with different species of coral and marine animals.

The snorkeling here is some of the best!

You will see turtles, stingrays, and barracudas in a matter of minutes, and you might even see a little reef shark if you’re lucky!

Just so you know, as the reef is a heavily protected area, you’re allowed to look at the animals and coral, but touching anything in the ocean is not allowed.

Thank God for that!

The best place to snorkel in Isla Providencia is Crab Cay, which you can read all about here.


4. The People Are SUPER Friendly

Crab Cay Providencia

This was one of the biggest differences after being in San Andres and other parts of Colombia.

The people here are so friendly and willing to help you with anything you need.

As soon as we got here, our hotel lady was recommending everything for us to do, helping us plan out the days we had here and doing everything she could to make sure we got the best experience possible.

Colombia has quite a reputation for being unsafe, but Providencia is the opposite.

Here you could literally leave your bag by itself and come back after an hour with it and everything inside it untouched.

The people are so sincere and genuine, and definitely, aren’t trying to scam you or take your money.

5. Experience A Different Culture

crab cay providencia

Providencia’s culture is Creole, so it is completely different than everywhere else in Colombia.

You will experience some tropical Caribbean vibes during your stay in Isla Providencia.

There are 6000 people on the island, and everyone knows everyone.

It’s very laid back, friendly, safe, and it’s a cohesive island making it such a different feel from the rest of Colombia and other parts of the world.

6. Peace And Quiet

There are very few tourists here, and very little hotels, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Anywhere you go here is just so incredibly peaceful and tranquil, and insanely beautiful.

There are no crazy parties keeping you up at night, and no danger that makes you sleep with one eye open.

So if you’re looking for somewhere you can just unwind and be at complete equanimity, Isla Providencia is calling your name.


7. Best Beaches In Colombia

crab cay providencia colombia

If you came to Colombia with the desire to spend your days laying under the sun on a damn near perfect beach, then coming to Providencia will be just the thing you’re looking for.

The beaches are as beautiful as you would dream of them to be.

I’ve been to other Caribbean Islands such as the Bahamas, St Martin & St Lucia, and quite honestly the bluest water I’ve ever experienced in the Caribbean is in Providencia.

8. There’s Nothing Poisonous On Providencia Island

the peak providencia

Usually being in a tropical destination has a catch to it, like cyclones, venomous animals or dangerous sharks.

Providencia Island has literally nothing threatening to us humans.

They have snakes and spiders that aren’t venomous, the sharks are just small reef sharks, nurse sharks, and hammerheads, and there aren’t any poisonous floras you need to avoid.

9. Best And Most Affordable Seafood Ever!

davina nina providencia island colombia

Providencia has some of the best seafood and for an extremely cheap price!

Our favorite place to eat seafood was at a beach restaurant called ‘Divino Nino’ where you can order a Plato Mixto (seafood platter) for two people with shrimp, lobster, 2 huge fish, octopus, french fries and rice for COP 65,000.

That’s about $20 USD for a gigantic fish platter that feeds two people and there’s so much food we couldn’t even finish it.


How To Get To Providencia Island

san andres to providencia plane

Getting to Providencia isn’t as easy as looking for the cheapest flight on Skyscanner.

You can only get to Providencia Island from San Andres Island, and you can book it from one website or at an office in San Andres Island.

To get from San Andres to Providencia Island, you have two options: a 20-minute plane ride, or a 3.5-hour boat ride.

Read this blog to find out everything you need to know about getting to Providencia Island!

Where To Stay In Providencia?


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Posada Jasmina Place

Just so you know, Providencia is full of homestay type places, not 5-star resorts.

It’s a small island and it takes only 30 minutes to do an entire lap of the island, so in terms of which area to stay in it doesn’t really matter!

We stayed at Posada Jasmina Place and we cannot recommend it enough!

It is comfortable, clean, and the best part about it is the lady who runs the place.

She will help you with anything you need to make your stay as memorable as possible.

Click here to check prices on Agoda

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