How To Get To Providencia Island

San Andres To Providencia Island

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How To Get To Providencia Island

San Andres To Providencia Island

Providencia Island is a magical slice of Caribbean paradise in Colombia.

It’s actually geographically closer to Nicaragua than it is to Colombia, but it’s smack bang in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

If you want a perfect little island where you can explore the most gorgeous beaches, eat incredible creole food, and just live the island life for a while, you need to get yourself to Providencia Island!

You might’ve already read our Top Things To Do In Providencia Island blog and are already packing your bags (we don’t blame you!)

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Not many tourists visit Providencia island because of two reasons.

  1. Not that many people know about Providencia
  2. It’s a little difficult to get there… quite difficult

However the lack of tourism in Providencia is one of the things that make it so amazing.

Getting here isn’t as easy as booking a cheap flight on Skyscanner (let’s be honest, there’d be way more tourists here if it were so simple!), so keep on reading to find out how to get from San Andres to Providencia Island!


You can ONLY get to Providencia via San Andres Island.

There are two ways to get from San Andres to Providencia Island, either by ferry or by plane.


san andres to providencia plane

The plane from San Andres to Providencia Island is only about 20 minutes long, and the plane only seats 21 people.

It’s the most beautiful plane ride I’ve ever been on, and Providencia Airport is the smallest airport I’ve ever been to!

There are only two flights from San Andres to Providencia Island per day with San German, and only two from Providencia Island to San Andres Island.

San Andres – Providencia:

– 10am
– 3.30pm

Providencia – San Andres

– 10.30am
– 4pm

Satena also has two flights per day at 7.20am & 4pm from San Andres to Providencia Island, and 8.15am & 4.55pm from Providencia Island to San Andres.

Keep in mind: these are tiny planes so every passenger is only allowed 10kg check-in luggage and 3kg carry-on. You can pay a fee if your luggage goes over, however, I don’t think they’re too strict with it as our carry on was 3kg over the limit and there was no problem.



Booking a flight with San German is by far the cheapest flight you can get for a return trip to Providencia.

A return ticket with San German costs COP 460,000 per person vs COP 620,000 when booking a return ticket with Satena.


You can’t find the flight from San Andres to Providencia Island on Google Flights or Skyscanner.

Therefore, to book a ticket you must visit the Satena website or visit the actual San German office on San Andres Island.

Not many people go to Providencia Island so don’t stress about booking it too far in advance, you’ll be fine booking the day before you wish to leave.

Please keep in mind that if you choose to book online, the Wi-Fi connection on these islands is extremely slow, and this sometimes stuffs up the booking so that you’ve paid for a plane ticket, but the office doesn’t receive your information for it.

So if you’re trying to book online, do it before you get to San Andres somewhere you will have better Wi-Fi.

I honestly would just go to the office and book there. It’s super easy.

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The booking office used to be located about 3 minutes from San Andres airport on the corner of Calle 4 & Carrera 14 in an area called Sarie Bay.

However, San German Airlines have recently moved their booking office and are now located inside the San Andres airport.


Now that the San German office is located inside the San Andres airport, the directions to get there are quite simple.

All you have to do is walk through the entrance door on the right side of the airport and you’ll see the San German booking office.

Please note: they can only accept cash payments, so be sure to bring enough cash to the booking office.

The closest ATM is at the airport. Also, make sure you bring your passport to book!


san andres to providencia island

The ferry takes 3.5 hours to get San Andres to Providencia Island and costs COP 380,000 for a return ticket.

The boat runs 5 days a week- Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday and leaves at 8 am on those days.

The boat returning from Providencia to San Andres leaves at around 2 pm on those days.

*However it is common for the ferry to be canceled last minute so keep this in mind*


If you are traveling here during December-February, the waters tend to be quite rough and choppy so if you get seasickness then I wouldn’t take the boat!

We’ve heard the boat trip from San Andres to Providencia Island is pretty bad.

The seas can be so rough that you literally are given a complimentary sea sickness tablet when you get onto the boat.

Look, it really doesn’t cost that much less than the plane ride so I would advise everyone to get a plane to Providencia Island for the sake of simplicity!


The traveler’s card you purchased when going to San Andres is also applicable for Providencia Island, and you do not need to pay again when returning back into San Andres!



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san andres to providencia island

In terms of which area of Providencia Island to stay in, it honestly doesn’t matter because it only takes about 30 minutes to do an entire lap of the island.

However, you will need to rent a motorbike or golf cart to get around the island.

Motorbikes cost about COP 80,000 per 24 hours, and golf carts cost around COP 160,000 – 200,000 per 24 hours depending on whether you rent one that carries 2 or 6 people. You can also rent them for 3 or 8 hours at a cheaper rate if you don’t need them for a full 24 hours.

Posada Jasmina Place

If you’re on a backpacker’s budget, this accommodation is an absolute dream.

After being in hostels throughout Colombia, walking into this private room was a delight.

The lady who runs this hotel is so incredibly friendly and helpful for anything you need, including motorbike hire, tours, and information on things to do on the island.

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