Sunday Funday San Juan Del Sur

The Nicaragua Pool Crawl

sunday funday san juan del sur nicaragua

Sunday Funday San Juan Del Sur

{The Nicaragua Pool Crawl}

Completely drenched in hedonism and debauchery, The Sunday Funday San Juan Del Sur Pool Crawl is the undisputed king of parties in Nicaragua. 

Summed up as Central America’s most notorious party event, Sunday Funday has practically become a rite of passage for anyone on the Central American backpacker trail.

This all-day weekly pool party crawl promises nothing but the best entertainment you can buy.

Therefore, continue reading as I show you everything you possibly need to know in order to absolutely slay your first Sunday Funday in Nicaragua. 

sunday funday san juan del sur nicaragua


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What is The Sunday Funday Nicaragua Pool Crawl?

Sunday Funday is a weekly pool crawl in Nicaragua where hundreds of backpackers, locals, and ex-pats all come together for the sake of binge drinking, a little dancing and nothing but a good time, thus resulting in an avalanche of wild behavior.

This infamous Nicaraguan Pool Crawl takes you to four different party venues, each place rowdier than the next where everyone is focused on nothing more than having the wildest Sunday of their lives. Though when all is said and done, most won’t even remember it.

Don’t come here if you simply want a day relaxing in the sun with a few tasty cocktails because Sunday Funday is the exact opposite.

sunday funday san juan del sur nicaragua

Where Is The Sunday Funday Pool Crawl?

The infamous Sunday Funday Pool Party Crawl is located in the backpacker haven of San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua. There is no airport in San Juan Del Sur, therefore most people either fly in from Managua (Nicaragua’s capital city) which is located about an hour away.

Or simply take a bus from either of Costa Rica’s international airports, which is typically the cheaper option.


When Is The Sunday Funday Pool Crawl?

If the name wasn’t self-explanatory enough, the famous Sunday Funday pool crawl in Nicaragua takes place every Sunday.

The official event kicks off around 1 p.m, however many people begin pre-drinking at Naked Tiger Party Hostel around 11 a.m for some pre-party festivities. 


The Official Sunday Funday Schedule

11: AM – Sunday Funday Pre-Party At Naked Tiger Hostel

Start your first Sunday Funday off right at the official Naked Tiger pre-drink.  Go socialize, grab some drinks and even compete in their famous Frozen T-Shirt contest in order to possibly win a free Sunday Funday ticket.

Although anyone staying in town will have to take a cab to Naked Tiger, from there they offer free shuttles back to town for the first pub crawl location at Pachamama

sunday funday san juan del sur nicaragua

1: pm – Pachamama Pool Party

As the first official stop of the Sunday Funday pool crawl, Pachamama is the beginning of all the madness.  Expect nothing but rum shots, beer pong and glitter showers at this opening venue.  

However, this is nothing compared to what’s in store for the remainder of the day.

sunday funday san juan del sur nicaragua


sunday funday san juan del sur nicaragua-4


sunday funday san juan del sur nicaragua

4:  pm – Hotel Anamar Pool Party

After everyone is sufficiently wasted from the first pool party at Pachamama, the pool crawl then shifts to Hotel Anamar which is located just a short 10-minute walk away.

However, I hope you had enough drinks at Pachamama because this is where the Sunday Funday Nicaraguan pool crawl really kicks it into high gear. 

Although the first 30 minutes are rather chill as the crowd continues to migrate from Pachamama, the energy level quickly goes from zero to a hundred.   Before you know it, Hotel Anamar transforms into a massive dance party with people randomly getting tossed and tackled into the pool. 

In fact, despite it technically being a pool party, most people who end up in the pool are not there of their own free will but are actually thrown in by a friend or a random partygoer.  The best way to describe the party at Hotel Anamar is complete and utter mayhem with everyone feeding into the infectiously rambunctious party vibes. 

sunday funday pool crawl nicaragua

Image Credit | Sunday Funday San Juan Del Sur Facebook 

Pro Tip

If you were stupid enough to bring your phone or anything that cannot get wet, I highly suggest you don’t stand/dance anywhere near the edge of the pool, otherwise there is a 150% chance you will eventually get tossed in.

The transition from Hotel Anamar to Naked Tiger is honestly the only frustrating part about the Sunday Funday pool party. Around 5:30 p.m a line will start to form near the exit of Hotel Anamar. This is the line to catch the shuttle to Naked Tiger Hostel which is located about a 10-minute drive outside of town.

My suggestion to you is to keep partying at Hotel Anamar until the line shortens, otherwise, you will miss prime party time as you begin to sober up while standing in line waiting for the free shuttle.

sunday funday pool crawl nicaragua

Image Credit | Sunday Funday San Juan Del Sur Facebook 

sunday funday pool crawl nicaragua

Image Credit | Sunday Funday San Juan Del Sur Facebook 

6: pm – Naked Tiger

The next stop on the Sunday Funday pool crawl is Naked Tiger and if you have somehow managed to not blackout yet, Naked Tiger has got you covered.

The massive dance party and wild festivities continue to level up here as people basically storm the bar on a desperate mission for more alcohol. Additionally, the wild and vivacious staff at Naked Tiger join in on the party which really takes the atmosphere to the next level.

Though Naked Tiger has a pool, not too many people are in it at this point and instead are either partying in the bar or on the dance floor.  Nonetheless, the party at Naked Tiger is the peak of the Sunday Funday bar crawl. 

After 8 p.m the free shuttles begin to take everyone back down to the town from Naked Tiger. Keep in mind this is the last venue on the crawl with a pool so if you still want to go for a cheeky swim, now is your chance. 

sunday funday pool crawl nicaragua

Image Credit | Sunday Funday San Juan Del Sur Facebook 

sunday funday pool crawl nicaragua

Image Credit | Sunday Funday San Juan Del Sur Facebook 

9: pm – Arribas Bar

The final venue on the Official Sunday Funday Pub Crawl schedule is Arribas Bar.

Arribas Bar is one of the biggest clubs in town and is most likely the place where the majority of partygoers will conclude their night.

Despite Arribas Bar not having a pool like the other venues, the boisterous atmosphere continues to flow on from Naked Tiger Hostel throughout the remainder of the night until the bar finally shuts down at around 4 a.m. 

sunday funday pool crawl nicaragua

Image Credit | Sunday Funday San Juan Del Sur Facebook 

sunday funday pool crawl nicaragua

Image Credit | Sunday Funday San Juan Del Sur Facebook 

Afterparty – Puk’s Palace

If for some reason you haven’t gotten enough Sunday Funday and are not interested in heading to bed yet, then be sure to check out Puk’s Palace once you leave Arribas Bar.  Puk’s Palace is another party hostel located next to Naked Tiger Hostel who hosts the unofficial Sunday Funday pool crawl after party. 

Depending on the crowd, the Puk’s Palace afterparty can sometimes run well into Monday afternoon. I made it until about 7 a.m before I had to call it quits but when I woke up around noon the next day, those party animals were still going strong. 

sunday funday pool crawl nicaragua puks palace


Sunday Funday Pool Crawl Tickets

The official Sunday Funday pool crawl tickets cost $30 USD. Tickets are sold at Naked Tiger and Pachamama hostels on Sunday a few hours before the official event begins.

The ticket includes entry into every Sunday Funday Pool Crawl party, free transfer service between locations, a free tank top and 2 free drink tickets (if purchased from Pachamama).  For some reason, Naked Tiger does not give out these free drink tickets, but you get a free shot upon your purchase.  

By Nicaraguan standards, $30 USD is considered quite pricey. However, if you stay at either Naked Tiger or Pachamama hostel during the event, then the tickets are only $15 USD. 

As a bonus, there are several different ways to win free tickets leading up to the big event on Sunday through contests hosted by both Naked Tiger and Pachamama hostels. 

sunday funday san juan del sur nicaragua

Beer Olympics (Thursday at Naked Tiger) – Nothing like some friendly drunken beer Olympics and some free Sunday Funday Pool Crawl tickets to get your blood pumping.  Compete in and win the official Naked Tiger Beer Olympics for one free Sunday Funday ticket. 

And don’t let the name fool you, it’s much more difficult than it sounds. 


Beer Pong Tournament (Friday at Pachamama) – If you and your partner conquer the beer pong tournament at Pachamama hostel, then you win yourself two free tickets to the Sunday Funday Pool Crawl event. However, competition is quite stiff so don’t expect a walk in the park.

I’ve played in plenty of beer pong competitions and this is hands down one of the most competitive.  Walking away as champions from this competition comes with all the bragging rights. And as the reigning champion of the Pachamama beer pong competition, trust me when I say, there’s no better feeling. 

sunday funday pool crawl beer pong

Image Credit | Sunday Funday San Juan Del Sur Facebook 

Frozen T-Shirt Contest (Sunday at Naked Tiger) – With a big twist on the typical “Wet T-Shirt Contest” compete in this clever competition to win one free ticket to the Sunday Funday pub crawl.  I’m not going to give away the surprise of what the competition is but let’s just say the winner of the contest literally “urinated his way to victory”.

*All free tickets will have to be picked up from the respective hostel during the official Sunday Funday ticket sale times of 10 a.m – 1 p.m. 

sunday funday san juan del sur nicaragua

What Is The Best Sunday Funday Nicaragua Hostel To Stay At?

I personally recommend staying at either The Naked Tiger or Pachamama Hostels. Even though $30 USD is not unreasonably expensive for the Sunday Funday pool crawl ticket, it is nice to only have to pay $15 USD when you stay at either of these two hostels.

Additionally, both of these hostels are featured on the pool crawl so it makes it that much more convenient when you are partying here.

naked tiger san juan del sur nicaragua

Naked Tiger Hostel


How To Survive Sunday Funday San Juan Del Sur

• DO NOT under any circumstance bring your phone or anything that can’t get wet! Even if you think you won’t get in the water, there is a strong chance one of your friends may think otherwise and toss you in unsuspectingly.


• Aside from just things that you don’t want to get wet, I recommend leaving all valuables at your hostel. Just bring enough money to sustain your all-day binge session and you will be perfectly fine. 


• Make sure you eat a big breakfast! The Sunday Funday pool crawl literally goes until 4 in the morning and in some circumstances even later if you decide to attend the after-party at Puk’s Palace. Therefore, it’s best to eat a big breakfast in the morning to help balance out all the alcohol and other unmentionables you are about to consume. Trust me when I say, once the festivities get started, food will be the last thing on your mind.


• Be sure to pace yourself with the drinking. A lot of people get so overwhelmed by the hype of Sunday Funday, that they get completely blacked out before they even finish the party at Hotel Anamar.  It’s not uncommon for people to pass out in the party, on the street or even on the beach and end up missing the rest of the party.  Just remember Sunday Funday is about the marathon, not the sprint. 

sunday funday san juan del sur nicaragua

Is Sunday Funday Worth The Hype?

I 110% recommend Sunday Funday to anyone backpacking through Nicaragua and Central America.  The town of San Juan Del Sur literally looks like a ghost town on Sundays because everyone and their grandmother are on the pool crawl.  (Legit there was an actual grandmother on my first Sunday Funday pool crawl).

Though keep in mind some Sunday Funday’s are better than others depending on the crowd.  However, after successfully doing two Sunday Funday’s in a row, the only reason I didn’t do a third was that I had to catch a flight the next day out of Costa Rica. (Which I inevitably ended up missing anyway).

With that being said, if you are an individual who does not like to party or is easily turned off by binge drinking and college fraternity style party antics, then Sunday Funday is definitely not for you. This is not the party to get a little tipsy and then head home after a few beers. You’re either fully committed or nothing. 

However, if you are down to let loose and get a little crazy then the Sunday Funday pub crawl is a dream come true.  In fact, your biggest problem will be finding the will power to depart San Juan Del Sur before the next Sunday rolls around. 

sunday funday san juan del sur nicaragua

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