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The Wild Swim is our sustainable swimwear brand with all swimsuits made from eco friendly recycled fabrics, and ethically made in Bali.

We created our own incredibly sexy sustainable swimwear label, and it’s taking over summers worldwide. Our Australian swimwear brand has a range of skimpy bikinis that flatter women’s bodies in a way that not many other sustainable swimwear labels do. See the range for yourself here.

sustainable swimwear skimpy bikinis

What makes The Wild Swim sustainable?

All of our swimsuits are made using fabric that was made from recycled plastic bottles that have been found in the ocean.

The legends at the Healthy Seas Initiative dive into the ocean and collect any discarded plastic bottles and nylon waste such as fishing nets, carpets and other fabric scraps. It is then regenerated into material and purified back to its original purity. This means that regenerated nylon has the exact same quality as virgin nylon. The only difference is it doesn’t cost the earth.

Then, we turn this into top quality, sexy, sustainable swimwear.

Actually, this recycled, eco friendly swimwear fabric happens to be 2x more resistant to chlorine, suntan oils and creams than regular swimwear fabric, and 5x more resistant to fiber breakdown when compared to normal swimwear fabric. This means that your new sustainable swimwear is not only great for the environment, it’s also of the highest quality that will last you years and years before it starts to show any sign of wear. These skimpy bikinis will last you for summers on end.

sustainable swimwear ethical swimwear


While the fashion industry does not come to mind when thinking of industries that pollute the earth, it actually happens to be the third most polluting industry after oil and agriculture. That is HUGE. And it’s responsible for 10% of the worlds carbon emissions.

And while 10% seems miniscule, to put it in perspective, that’s more emissions than international flights and ships combined.

Around 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters our oceans every year. Needless to say, this greatly affects marine wildlife and also human health. If this continues, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050. There are many more horrid facts about the polluting fashion industry, but these ones for sure send chills down my spine.

At The Wild Swim, we use two types of recycled nylon in our swimwear called ECONYL® and REPREVE®. Both of these fabrics are made from plastic waste found in our oceans, and the infographics below will give you an idea about some of the amazing positive effects of using sustainable swimwear fabrics like these.

Using these sustainable nylon fabrics has a positive effect on the environment by reducing the impact of global warming significantly and avoiding an immense amount of cO2 emissions than when using regular virgin nylon which has a definite negative impact on the environment.

Sustainable swimwear, well, sustainable fashion using eco friendly fabrics is making a huge contribution in cleaning our oceans of plastics and saving marine wildlife from consuming and choking on our trash.

The Wild Swim is 100% for our planet. Check out the website here.

skimpy bikinis


Another incredible thing about The Wild Swim is that all the products are made ethically in Bali, Indonesia. We have gone above and beyond to find the perfect manufacturer that produces our swimwear with sustainable fabric and that provides safe and fair working conditions for the lovely people that sew our swimwear.

If you’re not sure about fast fashion and unethical work practices in factories, here is some information:

  • Over 50% of workers in the fashion industry are paid below minimum wage. These people work 14-16 hours per day, 7 days per week, equaling an average of 96 hours per week.

  • The workers get verbally abused at work, and sometimes even physically abused for not meeting their monthly production targets (which are impossible to achieve).

  • They are forced into unsafe working conditions where they are inhaling toxic substances and not given respirators, buildings are not up to safety standards and there has been history of factory buildings collapsing which has killed and injured thousands of workers.

  • Children are being forced to work in clothing factories for less than $1 per hour. Some cotton producing countries are pulling children out of schools to harvest cotton instead.

Although buying extremely cheap clothes is tempting, when you buy them, it’s usually cheap for a reason. By buying cheap clothing, you are unknowingly and unintentionally supporting the unethical and unfair working conditions in the fashion trade, so it’s worth considering where you buy from and how the product is being manufactured next time you shop. I know I will be thinking twice about where I shop from now on.

All of the people that work in the factory that produces ethical swimwear for The Wild Swim:

  • Get paid well over the minimum wage
  • Get paid 13 months’ salary per year
  • They receive free medical insurance for them and their families


I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard of many brands that search high and low for a factory that is completely ethical and provides fair working conditions for its workers. We are proud to be working with fair trade manufacturers who produce ethical swimwear that is both sustainable and top quality.

sustainable swimwear ethical swimwear

These Skimpy Bikinis Are Saving The Planet

The Wild Swim takes skimpy bikinis to the next level. Not only are they cheeky and extremely flattering for anyone who wears them, these skimpy bikinis are contributing to the ocean clean up and to the improvement in the fashion industry.

Hopefully we start to see more and more clothing brands making an effort to become more sustainable and we see positive effects from these changes.

We support slow fashion

We support ethical fashion

We support sustainable fashion


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