Suwehan Beach

The Most Underrated Beach on Nusa Penida Island

Suwehan Beach

The Most Underrated Beach on Nusa Penida Island

What if I told you that you could have an entire beach to yourself for the day?  I know if it were me reading this blog I would already be putting my bikini on after reading that first sentence.

Suwehan Beach is one of those beaches that is literally perfect, with its white powdery sand, luminous turquoise colored water and towering limestone rock formations. Oh, and not a single tourist in sight.

Although Nusa Penida is most famous for the unparalleled splendor of Kelingking Beach, Suwehan Beach is also up there as one of the most alluring beaches in Bali. However, you must be sure to experience its resplendency before it gets overrun by other wandering travelers.

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If It Is Such A Nice Beach, Then Why Is No One There?

Now here’s the catch. There’s a bunch of broken roads, hikes and other obstacles you have to get through in order to reach this perfectly exclusive beach.

Be that as it may, it’s because of its inaccessibility that Suwehan Beach is so unscathed and raw in natural beauty. There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy the ambiance of such a beautiful beach when you’re engulfed by flocks of tourists.

Although Suwehan Beach may be a hassle to get to, it’s worth every step. If you’re in Nusa Penida I recommend you check out Suwehan Beach before it becomes more accessible and popular. Keep reading to find out more information on how to get to Suwehan Beach.

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Where is Suwehan Beach?

Suwehan Beach is located on the lower east side of Nusa Penida island situated about 50 minutes away from Green Beach Inn and about 20-30 minutes away from Atuh Beach.

How To Get To Nusa Penida?

The Nusa Islands are the closest set of islands to Bali and they are easily accessible by boat. The trip from Bali to Nusa Penida takes around 30 minutes and costs around 300k IDR. The boats run a few times a day everyday depending on which harbour you depart from.

Once you get to Nusa Penida there will be msotly motorbike taxis with only a few car taxis. We recommend you organizing a transfer from the port to your hotel prior to your arrival.

Pro Tip

Be sure to book your boat to Nusa Penida at least a day before you leave to avoid missing out on a ticket due to sold out seating.

Where To Stay In Nusa Penida?


Green Beach Inn is quaint little seaside accommodation offering all the key elements to a wonderfully pleasant stay on Nusa Penida.  The hotel is located around 45 minutes from both the primary sightseeing locations on the island Kelingking Beach and Atuh Beach.  Private shuttles and motorbike rentals can also be organized from the hotel for very affordable rates.

What We Loved

  • Large comfortable bed
  • Hot shower
  • Located just a few minutes outside of town by motorbike.
  • Free daily breakfast that will serve your food according to your preference and schedule.
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Excellent WiFi connection from room

What We Didn’t Love

  • By foot restaurants and other stores are a tad bit out of the way.

Check Availability Here For 

How To Get To Suwehan Beach?

Remember how we mentioned Nusa Penida’s broken roads? Well broken doesn’t even begin to describe the road to Suwehan Beach.

This is hands-down the worst road we experienced in Nusa Penida. And anywhere we’ve travelled to for that matter. If you’re confident riding a motorbike you’ll be able to get there, but there is a LOT of gravelly, broken roads you have to get past along the way. In saying that, trust us when we say this is a beach worth every bump, scratch and bruise.

Although you may be relieved once you get through the broken roads to Suwehan Beach, don’t think you can relax just yet. Here you will be greeted by a set of 342 steep steps from the top of the cliff to that gorgeous sandy beach. This part will take you 5-10 minutes depending on how quick you can walk down the stairs.

Once you get to the bottom of the stairs, as much as you may want to lay your towel in the sand and take in the sunrays, it still isn’t over. Now you have to climb over a bunch of rocks and boulders before you finally arrive at those exquisite turquoise waters you’ve been so eager to immerse yourself in.

I know it’s a lot to go through just to get to a beach. However, it is all worth it in the end when you successfully pass all the obstacles along the way to Suwehan, you will be able to finally say hello to your own private beach!

When To Visit Suwehan Beach?

The time of the day you visit is very important when visiting Suwehan Beach! You have to visit during low tide so you can cross all those rocks to get to the sandy side of the beach. If you go during high tide, you cannot cross the rocks, so keep this in mind for when you leave the beach… If you see the tide coming in, get out of there!

Sometime during the first half of the day is a pretty good time to go in terms of sunshine. The sun hides behind the cliff in the afternoon so if you are there too late, you won’t get any sunshine.


Did we forget to mention some important information in our blog “Suwehan Beach {The Most Underrated Beach on Nusa Penida Island}”?

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