Taraw Peak Climb

The Ultimate El Nido Viewpoint

Taraw Peak Climb El Nido Viewpoint

Taraw Peak Climb

The Ultimate El Nido Viewpoint

While most people are in El Nido for the endless island-hopping boat tours and sleepy beach days at Nacpan Beach, the Taraw Peak climb is just what you need to bring some much-needed adventure into the mix.

For any avid climber or adventure junkie with dreams of rock climbing in El Nido, the Taraw Cliff climb provides the exact rush of adrenaline that you had been so desperately hoping for. 

The only thing better than the pure adrenaline rush from the climb up is the feeling of astonishment as you gaze out from atop the Taraw Cliff viewpoint. In many cases, Taraw Peak ends up being the highlight of the trip, and that’s saying a lot considering all the beaches, island hopping tours, and other incredible places you can go in El Nido.

Keep reading to find out absolutely everything you need to know about taking on the Taraw Peak climb.


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About The Taraw Peak Climb El Nido

• The climb to the peak of Taraw Cliff takes around 2 hours roundtrip to complete.

• This is not a casual hike. In fact, Taraw Cliff is a very dangerous climb where even the slightest misstep can result in a very serious injury. Therefore, I only recommend attempting this climb to experienced and confident hikers.

• For any drone pilots planning on flying at Taraw Peak, you will most likely get a warning mid-flight and will not be allowed to fly directly out above the water due to the nearby airport. Instead, you must fly away from the town towards the mountains on the left side and you should be just fine.

• Be aware that that there is an alternate viewpoint climb called the Taraw Canopy walk, so just make sure you are doing the correct climb because if you manage to mix the two up, you will be quite disappointed in the end.


Where Is The Taraw Cliff Climb?

You know those freakishly tall jagged-edged mountains that sit just on the outskirts of El Nido town?  Well search for the tallest point and that is Taraw Cliff. 

At first glance the steepness of the mountain and sharpness of the rocks will have you wondering if it is even possible to climb Taraw Cliff but don’t worry, you’re not alone. We initially had the same doubts and instead, now we are living proof that Taraw Peak is totally climbable.

Taraw Peak Climb El Nido Viewpoint

How To Find The Entrance To The Taraw Cliff Climb?

Though pointing out the Taraw Cliff Peak from a distance is an easy task considering the mountain is absolutely massive, finding the trailhead entrance is another story.

Though most people would expect the trailhead to be located along the outskirts of El Nido town near the jungle, the actual trailhead is covertly hidden in a small neighborhood town located off of San Joaquin Street near Taraw Cliff Hostel. 

This is where we met our guide to begin the hike. The trail begins by leading you down a narrow alleyway that continues to wind through this small village type neighborhood before eventually arriving at the Taraw Cliff trailhead. 

And I use the term trailhead very loosely. It is by no means a trail or a path that you can easily follow all the way to the top, hence the need for a local to guide you up.


The neighborhood is a bit dingy and will most likely have you a bit sketched out about where it is they are taking you, but just follow along with the guide and a few moments later it will all make sense when you eventually reach the trailhead.  

Taraw Peak Climb El Nido Viewpoint final-1

Climbing Taraw Cliff El Nido

As you transition from neighborhood to the jungle you will quickly begin to notice that this trail is probably a bit more intense than you had initially anticipated. Different from your typical viewpoint hike, the journey to Taraw Cliff is much less of a casual hiking in El Nido experience and more of a legitimate rock climbing in El Nido adrenaline-pumping escapade (minus the protective gear.)

Taraw Peak Climb El Nido Viewpoint final-1You will be ascending upward for the entirety of the hike with several sections where you are required to climb vertically in order to continue onward. One part in particular during this El Nido rock climb is you will be forced to scale the side of a 50 ft jagged-edged wall with nothing more than gloves as protective gear.

Taraw Peak Climb El Nido Viewpoint final-1Not to mention that pretty much every rock along the trail is slippery, sharp, jagged and blatantly unforgivable if you just so happen to take even a small tumble. Keep in mind, I’m not telling you this information to scare you but rather to inform you about the actual conditions of the trail.  

Though this is by far not the most difficult or dangerous hike I’ve ever attempted, if you have any extreme uncertainty, doubts in your climbing ability, or fear of heights, I strongly recommend you sit this one out. However, if you are an adventurous and athletic person who typically enjoys activities like this, then please do not be intimidated because as long as you are careful and take your time, chances are you will be just fine.  


Despite the many WTF moments along this climb, as long as you are patient, careful about your hand and foot placement, and above calm and composed, then you will complete this hike without even a single scratch.

In fact, our group of 5 people, including some with zero climbing experience somehow made it back without a single scratch or fall.  

Taraw Peak Climb El Nido Viewpoint final-1

How Much Does It Cost To Climb Taraw Cliff El Nido?

Though prices can vary depending on where you organized your trip, my group paid 500 pesos a person (approximately 10 USD per person) in order to climb Taraw Cliff with two guides.

Depending on group size this may include either one or two guides, hiking gloves and headlamp depending on what time of day you are attempting the hike.


I recommend adding a small tip at the end as well. After you see how difficult this trail is, you’ll respect how hard these guys work for their money. 

Taraw Peak Climb El Nido Viewpoint final-1

How To Find A Taraw Peak Guide?

The three best places to inquire about a guide for Taraw Peak are either at your hostel or at a tour center in El Nido Town. 

Booking With A Hostel – Most of these are organized group tours that depart at sunrise to begin the climb to Taraw Peak.  Though it is more convenient, expect to pay a bit more when booking through the hostel.

Booking With An El Nido Tour Center – There are plenty of these scattered throughout the town and most of them organize bookings for Taraw Peak.  There is more flexibility with price and time when booking through one of these tour agencies. 

Ask on the Street – We didn’t book a Taraw Peak guide at our hostel or a tour agency. We simply asked locals on the street where to find Taraw Peak and how to find a guide, and they pointed us in the direction exactly where we needed to go.

What Is The Best Time To Climb Taraw Cliff?

The most popular time to climb Taraw Cliff is for sunrise. This is when most of the organized tours attempt the climb. 

However, be aware that going at this time will most likely mean you will have to share the mountain with other hikers. Which with limited space to move around considering all the spiked cliffs, can become quite a nuisance if there are too many groups doing it at the same time.

Instead, we chose to go later in the day when we expected fewer people to be doing the climb. Though you miss out on the golden hour light from sunrise, it was nice to be the only group attempting the hike at this time.


Don’t bother climbing for sunset because the sun sets on the other side of the mountain. 

Taraw Peak Climb El Nido Viewpoint final-1

What To Bring For The Taraw Peak Climb?

  • Bring a good pair of shoes (preferably hiking shoes)
  • Bottle of water
  • Gloves are necessary – although the guide will provide these
  • Camera & Drone!

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Climb Taraw Peak Without a Guide?

I mean anything is possible, but that doesn’t mean you should do it.  With that being said although physically I do believe that climbing Taraw Peak without a guide is completely possible, the biggest challenge a person would face is knowing where to go.

Not only is it difficult to find the trailhead but once you are actually on the way up, there are absolutely zero trails, signs or directions on which way to go. Although the Taraw Cliff trail is only moderately difficult with a guide, attempting it without one just adds unnecessary risk to the adventure. 

Taraw Peak Climb El Nido Viewpoint final-1

Difference Between The Taraw Peak Climb vs Taraw Cliff Canopy Walk?

The Taraw Cliff climb compared to the Taraw Cliff Canopy Walk is like comparing apples and alligators. To sum things up quickly, the biggest differences between the two are difficulty level, adrenaline rush, and the panoramic view. 

With that being said, the Taraw Cliff climb easily wins in all three categories.

However, that is not to say the Taraw Canopy Walk doesn’t have its purpose.  Aside from the fact that the view and the overall experience are nowhere near as rewarding as the Taraw climb, the canopy walk is actually better suited for those who want an easier and less dangerous trail.  However, just make sure not to mix the two trails up because taking either of the wrong hikes can either lead to severe disappointment or on the other hand severe injury.  

Has There Ever Been A Taraw Cliff Death?

While I’m not too sure about any deaths at Taraw Cliff (although it wouldn’t surprise me), in 2018 there was an Australian tourist who had to be airlifted to a Manila hospital after suffering a severe 10-centimeter gash on her knee after slipping and falling during her hike.   Despite this unfortunate Taraw Cliff accident, the climb did in fact remain open the following day.  

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