The Magic Water Circuit In Lima Peru

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magic water circuit in lima

The Magic Water Circuit In Lima Peru

In a city most known for its food and nightlife, The Magic Water Circuit in Lima may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

In fact, I was initially one of those skeptics who would have much preferred to be instead stuffing my face with some juicy Peruvian cuisine or partaking in the typical drunken pub crawls throughout the city.

While I may have entered the magic water fountain park a skeptic, I surely left as a true believer totally amazed at what I had just witnessed.

lima water show

Which is why I just couldn’t resist to help spread the word about one of my favorite Peru hidden gems.

Therefore, keep reading to discover everything you need to know for your visit to the Magic Water Circuit in Lima Peru.


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Magic Water Circuit


Despite some substantial skepticism and doubt, The Magic Water Circuit turned out to be one of my favorite memories of my time spent in Lima.

As a photographer, the photos were absolutely magnificent and went way beyond my initial expectations.

Throughout my travels in the past I have visited a variety of water shows and in the end was left quite disappointed.

From the water light shows of Disney World in Florida to the water light shows at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, none had exactly left the right impression.

However, for some inexplicable reason, The Magic Water Circuit in Lima Peru just hit different and was unexpectedly one of the highlights of my trip.

Magic water circuit in lima

The Magic Water Circuit in Lima features 13 different illuminated fountains, each with their own uniquely mesmerizing water display.

Presenting a kaleidoscopic range of colors, every new water fountain continues to impress, as you eagerly continue along to next one eventually making your way through the entire circuit.

Additionally, some the fountains even feature interactive games where one wrong step will have you leaving the park completely drenched in your mistakes.

Riddled with children and lighthearted adults, these games provide quite the adrenaline rush as you desperately try to avoid the inevitable splash.


magic water circuit lima peru

Considered one of the best Instagram spots in Lima, The Magic Water Circuit will do absolute wonders for your Instagram feed. Downright impressive in every which way, the Lima water show is likely to leave the biggest doubters quite satisfied with their night.

Not to mention the park closes at 10:30 p.m so there is still plenty enough time to grab a bite to eat and hit the bars if you’re still looking to satisfy the urge.


lima magic water circuit

How To Get To The Magic Water Circuit in Lima?

The best way to get to the Lima water show is to simply take a cab or an Uber.

Located around a 12-minute drive from Parque Kennedy in Miraflores, the cab fare should be no more than 8 PEN.

Though there is the option to take public transportation, considering the exceptionally affordable cab fare… why would you?

However, depending on whether the cab driver speaks English or not he may not know what you are talking about when you ask him to take you to The Magic Water Circuit.

Therefore, to help prevent any potential confusion just ask him to take you to Lima’s Circuito Mágico del Agua.

Magic Water Circuit Lima Peru Address: Puerta 5, Parque de la Reserva, Av. Petit Thouars, Cercado de Lima 15046, Peru

lima magic water show

Things To Know About The Magic Water Circuit in Lima

  • Since being opened in 2007, the $13 million USD investment by the Lima municipal government has become a whopping success. The investment transformed an unpleasant old park into the delightful collection of choreographed dancing waterfalls that it is today.
  • The Magic Water Circuit is located in Miraflores on the 19-acre Parque de la Reserva.
  • The Magic Water Circuit in Lima is open Wednesday – Sunday from 3:00 p.m until 10:30 p.m.
  • The entrance fee to the park is 4 PEN (which is approximately $1.50 USD).
  • Considered one of the best Instagram spots in Lima, The Magic Water Circuit will do absolute wonders for your Instagram feed.
  • However, be sure to only visit the Lima water show at night which is when you can fully appreciate the beauty of the illuminated dancing water performances.

Magic water circuit in lima


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