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The thought of taking a solo trip and being by yourself in a foreign country can be quite scary for most, but let me tell you something. This feeling is just pre-travel nerves and it’s completely normal! The reason you feel like this is because you’re doing something that makes you step way out of your comfort zone. But remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you! Although right now your head is filled with doubts, questions and fear, I assure you as soon as you step off that plane you’ll be exploding with excitement for your first solo trip!


 1. YES you are making the right decision



Everyone’s telling you that you’re crazy for doing this, but don’t let that doubt your decision. These are the same people that have never left their comfort zone and therefore live the average life. You are brave enough to go and venture the world on your own and that’s incredible in itself. Believe me, you’re going to be okay. No, you’re going to be more than okay. In fact this just might be the best damn decision you’ve ever made!


2. You’re nervous – and that’s okay


You’re scared as hell, but it’s just pre-travel nerves and they’ll go away as soon as the plane lands on the ground. And soon enough, you’ll wonder what you were so nervous about. It’s completely normal to be nervous even though you don’t exactly know what you’re nervous about. There will be challenges along the way, but it’s during these times that you’ll learn the most. And remember, If it doesn’t scare the sh*t out of you, you’re doing it wrong!


3. Expect the unexpected


Not everything will turn out the way you planned it, and this is a good thing. It just teaches you to not plan too much while travelling (quick tip: over-planning kills the magic). Things will go wrong, and that’s okay. You’re going to miss flights, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose, and that kind of freedom is beautiful. Remain open-minded and the skies will open up for you.


4. As cliché as this sounds, travel does change you


Travel is the only thing that makes you richer. Obviously we’re not talking about money here, we’re talking about the experience and wisdom you gain from travel that you simply cannot gain by being at home. Life will test you – welcome these challenges and let it teach you and change you. Keep your mind open to allow new experiences and lessons into your life. The worst that can happen is you’ll learn a whole lot of valuable life lessons.


5. The hardest part is coming home


Right now you’re thinking about all the challenges you’ll have to face while being away, but let me tell you a little secret.. The hardest part is coming home. Everything and everyone will be exactly the way you left it. The only thing that has changed is you, and this changes everything. You’re going to get frustrated trying to get people to understand how you’ve evolved and grown but the only people who understand you are your fellow travellers. And just a heads up/warning – you’ll most likely catch the travel bug and won’t even be in your home country for a week before you start planning your next solo trip!

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