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phi phi viewpoint thumbnailThings To Do In Phi Phi Island Guide

The world-famous Thailand archipelago known as the Phi Phi Islands is one of the most beautiful places in all of Southeast Asia.

The two main islands named Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lei, first became popular Thailand backpacking destinations after the release of the cult classic film called “The Beach”.

Some of the most memorable scenes were filmed on Phi Phi Lei at the visually mesmerizing location of Maya Bay.

Since then, this archipelago has remained a must-see destination for any backpacker traveling through Southeast Asia.


things to do in phi phi island girl on boat

The larger and inhabited island of Phi Phi Don entices hundreds of thousands of wanderlust inspired backpackers each year with visions of tropical beaches, warm weather and one notoriously hedonistic party scene.

When staying on Koh Phi Phi, it is very likely that you will never venture out from a 1 km radius, adding to Koh Phi Phi’s ability to suck travelers in for more time than they initially bargained for.

Overview- Things To Do In Phi Phi Island Guide


How To Get To The Phi Phi Island Thailand?

Things To Do In Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island Daylife

Phi Phi Island Nightlife

Where To Stay In Phi Phi Island


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How To Get To Phi Phi Island Thailand?

maya bay phi phi island tour

Maya Bay

Location: Phi Phi Lei

The Phi Phi islands do not have an airport so the only way to get there is by way of ferry from either Phuket or somewhere in Krabi mainland.

Phuket to Phi Phi Island Cost

 Phuket has an international airport which makes finding a flight quite easy.

Upon arrival you can purchase a ferry ticket from either a local travel agency or the ferry port for approximately 300-400 baht.

The Phuket to Phi Phi speedboat should take about 2 hours.

Krabi to Phi Phi Island Cost

Krabi International airport is another option to reach the Phi Phi islands.

Common places to depart are Ao Nang, Krabi Town, Railay Beach and Tonsai Bay.

Krabi to Phi Phi island speedboats cost anywhere from 300-400 baht and takes around 2 hours.

Koh Phangan to Phi Phi Cost 

 If you are departing from any of the islands in the Gulf of Thailand such as Koh Phangan or Koh Samui you can book a ferry/bus ticket for around 900 baht and takes around 8 hours.

Things To Do In Phi Phi Island?

Maya Bay Phi Phi Island Tour Thumbnail

Maya Bay

Location: Phi Phi Lei

Phi Phi has been built up based on the cult following of The Beach, so it’s no surprise that some of the top things to do in Phi Phi island revolve around the wonderfully alluring Maya Bay.

Located just a 30-minute boat ride from Phi Phi Don, there are an assortment of ways to reach the beautiful cove which is an absolute must when visiting the Phi Phi islands.

Click Here For Our Full Detailed Guide To Maya Bay

monkey beach | things to do in phi phi island

 Monkey Beach

Location: Phi Phi Don

In addition to the main attraction, a majority of Maya Bay boat tours will also take you to a primate infested seaside allure known as Monkey Beach.

Although the monkeys here may appear like nothing but cuteness and cuddles don’t forget that they are indeed wild animals and if threatened they will lash out and attack.

Not to mention steal your things… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

phi phi viewpoint panoPhi Phi Viewpoint

Location: Phi Phi Don

This is the best place on the island to hike and catch the beautiful sunset for an iconic and unforgettable view of the striking Koh Phi Phi Island.

As one of the most Instagrammable places in Thailand this is another top thing to do in Phi Phi island that you can’t afford to miss.

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things to do in phi phi island tonsai beach 


 Once everyone begins to crawl out of theirs or someone else’s bed around 10-11am, you can guarantee that the drinking festivities will commence.

Chang O’ clock does not wait for anyone’s hangover to subside.

The beginning of the day is quite pleasant, and many will sit out in the ocean and enjoy a cold one while the tide is low.

 Banana Bar

Banana Bar has a nice Mexican style cuisine, in addition to large and delicious burgers.

The food here is particularly good quality and very reasonably priced.

As one of the few non touristy things to do in Phi Phi island this is definitely a place that needs to be tried at least once even though you will probably keep coming back after the first time!

Phi Phi Island Daylife

Ibiza Pool Party

This pool party is the most anticipated event on the island and is hosted every Sunday and Wednesday at the Ibiza House Resort.

You won’t want to miss it.

things to do in phi phi island blanco boat party


Nothing better than some drunk sightseeing and Phi Phi island features a wide selection of party cruises with various open bar or adventure packages.

The party cruises have a variety of cool stops, that guarantee an awesome time and allows you to arrive to Maya Bay in style.

Phi Phi Island Nightlife

phi phi viewpoint drone shot

Beach Bars

 When the sun goes down, the party turns up. Slinky’s and Woody’s have huge stages set up on the beach, which tend to fill up quite quickly.

As one of the top things to do in Phi Phi island at night, you can pretty much guarantee that all of the beach bars will have something going on.

Like other places in Southeast Asia, fire dancers are a major attraction.

You can get a chance to watch them perform or even participate in the fire-limbo, fire-jump rope, or ring of fire.

Pro Tip

The only downside is that the bars shut down at 3AM but perhaps this is a good thing because it can give you some time to sleep and get an early jump on the next day!

Banana Bar

Every night from 7-9 during the transition from the day activities to the night festivities, Banana Bar will show a movie on a big screen during its happy hour.

Stockholm Syndrome

This is liveliest bar in town and a great place to start your night.

Spinning the latest and greatest in both Hip Hop and EDM, the dance floor guarantees a good time.

Stockholm Syndrome also hosts multiple beer pong tables, so don’t be shy, step up and showcase your skills.

Reggae Bar

If you’re looking for some non touristy things to do in Phi Phi Island then be sure to check out Reggae Bar.

 For the early evening, there is public Muay Thai fighting that allows anyone to get in the ring and fight whomever they so choose!

If you are particularly ambitious (and hopefully not too drunk), you should give it a go!

The bar provides the headgear, gloves and referee, so there is no need to hold back!

Where To Stay In Phi Phi Island

things to do in phi phi island street view

Koh Phi Phi has a very good selection of accommodation and because of the size of the island, there is no need to worry about a bad location.

You have a wide range of choices, which include hostels, bungalows, or hotels.

If you plan on partying for a good amount of your trip and don’t mind hearing music and various drunken festivities all hours of the night then I would highly recommend staying at one of the party hostels on the beach.

There are cheaper options a little bit off the beach but keep in mind you do get what you pay for.

Besides, it’s Thailand, so nothing is really that expensive.

If you want some quiet hours and privacy, bungalows are a very solid and affordable option.

If you would like luxury accommodation to compliment this beautiful setting, there is a good selection of hotels a short walk away from the action on the beach.

Budget Accommodation



When you come to Blanco’s you become part of the family, and that’s why it holds such a special place in our hearts.

What We Love

  • Absolute perfect location that is dead smack in the middle of all the action
  • Excellent social scene with friendly backpacker vibes
  • Awesome staff who truly make this a special experience

Things To Consider

  • The beds are sandy and not the most comfortable but, this is to be expected staying right on the beach at a party hostel
  • The WIFI is horrendous but, there are other places within close proximity that offer a much better connection
  • A bit pricey for a party hostel in Thailand but, I guess you are paying for the location as well as the experience

Click Here For Prices on HostelWorld

PP Anita Hotel Phi Phi Islands

Mid-Range Accommodation


 108 Moo 7 Aonang, Muang, Krabi – Ko Phi Phi Island, Ko Phi Phi Island, 81000, Thailand

PP Anita Resort  is located in the hub of the party zone, offers comfortable and spacious rooms with modern amenities, all at an affordable rate.

If you are contemplating an upgrade from the standard hostel conveniences without sacrificing the social atmosphere or the or the low budget prices, then the PP Anita Resort is just for you.

What We Love

  • Central location in the heart of all the action
  • Three person room options
  • Large comfortable bed
  • On-site restaurant with exemplary free buffet style breakfast
  • Gorgeous pool and sunbathing area
  • Friendly and hospitable staff

Things To Consider

  • Can be noisy if in need of a good night’s rest

Click Here To Check Prices On

Click Here To Check Prices On


things to do in phi phi island maya bay droneWhat are the Phi Phi Island food prices?

The food prices vary depending on whether you choose to eat street food or restaurant food.

Similar to elsewhere in Thailand, there is delicious street food widely available throughout the entire island and typically cost under 100 baht.

Restaurant meals vary a bit more in pricing depending on the place however, a delicious budget meal should cost you no more than 200 baht.

Additionally, Thai food will more than likely be the cheapest food option no matter where you go.

phi phi viewpoint sunset

Is it hard to find cheap accommodation on Phi Phi Island?

 Although accommodation often times cost more on the Thai islands when compared to mainland cities, there are still some very affordable rates to be had throughout the island.

Look to the hostel options like Blanco’s and Stones Bar for the cheapest priced beds as well as the best location on the island.

If you are traveling with other people then it is also a good idea to consider hotel accommodation as well.

Sometimes it works out to be cheaper then hostel prices when sharing the higher priced room with other people such as PP Anita Hotel.

Pro Tip

Another thing to consider is whether or not places serve free breakfast.

Often times choosing the hotel accommodations has the added perks of complimentary all you can eat breakfast, which will save you money on your food expenses.

What is the Phi Phi island nightlife like?

Some of the best nightlife in Southeast Asia can in fact be found on Phi Phi Island.

So much so that this little Thai island is actually world renowned for its around the clock hedonistically wild party antics.

Long story short, it’s the type of place where no matter what hour of the day it is, it’s never too early to start drinking.

However, I should mention that this is only one half of the island.

If nightlife isn’t really your thing then there is a whole other side to Phi Phi Island dedicated to a more upscale and tranquil evening more suitable for those looking to simply relax.

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