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The Top 10 Most Unmissable Things To Do

best things to do in san andres colombia

The Top 10 Most Unmissable Things To Do In San Andres Colombia 2019

Nestled majestically along the outskirts of the Caribbean Sea lies the cerulean tropical paradise of San Andres Island Colombia.

Geographically located closer to Nicaragua than Colombia, this hidden gem of the tropics is arguably one of the most popular summer getaways for the vast majority of Colombians.

Surrounded by the most alluring hues of aqua, no matter which beach you decide to visit on the island, the beauty of San Andres is impossible to deny.

While it’s no surprise that so many Colombians have already turned San Andres Island into their personal holiday hotspot, the rest of the world has fortunately yet to catch on…

Leaving the island of San Andres and the surrounding areas relatively unexplored by outside tourism.

Keep reading to discover The Top 10 Most Unmissable Things To Do In San Andres Colombia!

El Centro

This bumbling hive of activity is the place to be when visiting the island of San Andres.

All the best hotels, restaurants, shops and nightlife can be found here.

Additionally, El Centro is merely steps away from San Andres’ most popular beach of Bahia Sardinas and the crowd favorited attraction of Johnny Cay.

el centro san andres colombia

Bahia Sardinas

The stretch of powdery golden sand further embraced by the deep multi-shaded turquoise blue waters, topped off with distant views of the picturesque Johnny Cay are just some of the reasons Bahia Sardinas has become the most popular beach in all of San Andres.

Teeming with restaurants, hotels and various watersports, Bahia Sardinas is fully equipped with everything you need for some much-deserved fun in the sun.

Except maybe space to actually lay out your towel…

Although the beach itself is quite amazing, sometimes it becomes fairly challenging to appreciate its true beauty when the shores are packed with hordes of tourists.

However, as the main beach of El Centro, and one of the top things to do in San Andres, it’s hardly surprising that this beach would become so packed.

Therefore, visitors better plan to arrive early in order to secure your spot.

best things to do in san andres colombia

Johnny Cay Natural Regional Park

Visible from shores of Bahia Sardina, Johnny Cay Natural Regional Park is arguably the most popular attraction on San Andres Island.

This Caribbean paradise is probably the exact image you have in your head when you picture yourself stranded on some deserted tropical island in the middle of the ocean.

Sheathed in coconut trees and encircled by dreamlike cerulean blue water, a quick visit to Johnny Cay could alleviate even the most severe tropical addiction.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Johnny Cay Natural Regional Park?

The trip typically costs around 10,000 COP for a collectivo boat and around 35,000 COP for a private boat for a roundtrip.

johnny cay san andres colombia

Day Trip To Cayo Bolivar

Spend your day relaxing and snorkeling along one of the most beautiful and uninhabited islands of the San Andres and Providencia archipelago.

A trip to Cayo Bolivar takes around 45 minutes to an hour depending on how rough the seas are, however, once you are there prepare for complete and utter tropical bliss.

Pro Tip
In order to protect the delicate ecosystem of Cayo Bolivar from the effects of heavy tourism, this excursion is often closed for periods at a time.

Therefore, be sure to check to make sure it will be open during your visit to San Andres.

Shop For Duty-Free Goods

On the account that San Andres is a Colombian territory located in the international waters of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, makes it is a Duty-Free Zone!

A majority of goods are sold here for cheaper prices then what you would even find at the airport.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that shopping has become one of the best things to do on San Andres Island.


Visit Providencia

Enough words cannot be said about the beauty of San Andres, however, somehow the splendor and charm found on the next-door island of Providenica Island manages to outshine it in every way.

Providencia Island is in fact so beautiful, you would almost swear it was manmade.

The landscape of this island is absolutely flawless with more breathtaking tropical beaches than you will know what to do with!

And if you thought the waters around San Andres were blue, just wait until you experience Providencia.

However, what truly makes this place so special is that given how mystifyingly beautiful Providencia Island is, there are virtually no tourists on the island.

In fact, Providencia island only has a total population of about 6,000 inhabitants.

best beaches in colombiaThis feeling of secludedness and sheer isolation as you gallivant through one of the last known hidden tropical paradises in the world is a sensation that is truly indescribable and exactly what you yearn for as a traveler.

All things considered, it is quite ironic how one of the best things to do in San Andres Island is to escape to the neighboring island of Providencia.

However, this is largely due to the inaccessibility of Providencia Island, along with the fact that it can only be reached by a small charter jet boarded from San Andres.

Though there is a bit of a struggle to organize this trip, your efforts will be graciously rewarded with one of the most unforgettable destinations of your life.

Getting to Providencia can be a bit of a challenge! So be sure to Click Here to read our full detailed guide on how to get to Providencia Island.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Providencia Island? 

The only way to reach Providencia from San Andres is by ferry or by plane.

The ferry roundtrip ticket cost 380,000 COP for a 3.5-hour journey.

A roundtrip flight is either 460,000 COP or 620,000 COP depending on which airline you choose to fly with and it only takes 20 minutes.

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crab cay providencia colombia


Cayo El Acuario

What a surprise! Yet another popular snorkel destination to visit from San Andres Island.

Cayo El Aquario is one of the most promoted snorkel trips to take while on the island of San Andres, therefore be aware that often times the number of people snorkeling significantly outnumbers the actual amount of fish.


La Piscinita

crab cay providencia turtle

San Andres Island has no shortage of incredible snorkel spots.

Located on the west coast of San Andres, La Piscinita has become one of the most popular snorkel destinations on the island.

La Piscinita is practically overflowing with tropical fish thanks to the safety provided by the shallow waters which protect them from larger predators.


San Luis Beach

While Bahia Sardinas and Johnny Cay may attract the largest crowds, San Luis Beach is indeed the beach you will want to become the most familiar with.

As the most beautiful beach in San Andres, its short distance away from El Centro has surprisingly allowed San Luis Beach to remain significantly less crowded than Bahia Sardinas and Johnny Cay National Regional Park.

Located only a 15-minute motorbike ride away from El Centro, only San Luis Beach can provide the relaxing and calmative tropical beach atmosphere that you deserve.

Nonetheless, keep in mind, it is nowhere near as secluded as the beaches you will find on Providencia Island; however, this is your best option out of anywhere directly located on San Andres Island.

Scattered along the shores of San Luis, visitors will find some particularly delicious and upscale beach restaurants that would satisfy anyone’s hunger cravings, which further enhances this already stunning beach.

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Go Explore

One of the best things to do in San Andres and any tropical destination for that matter is to simply hop on a motorbike and go explore.

With motorbike rentals widely available throughout El Centro, San Andres Island is the perfect place to simply disappear in adventure as you stumble upon some of the most beautiful destinations without even trying.


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