The 14 Absolute Best Things To Do In Seminyak

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The 14 Absolute Best Things To Do In Seminyak

So we’ve all heard that Seminyak is one of the most popular places to stay in Bali, but what actually are the best things to do in Seminyak? We’ve collated a bunch of things for you to do during your Seminyak Bali holiday.

If you’re into relaxation, drinking, good food and shopping, Seminyak is the number one place for you to be during your Bali holiday. If this doesn’t sound like you, ignore this entire blog and read this one instead!

Seminyak is overflowing with beach clubs, bars, restaurants, nightlife, and shopping so you won’t run out of things to do in Seminyak.

There isn’t anything really to do that’s adventurous in Seminyak, however it is a good base if you have a mode of transport like a motorbike or a private car with driver for the days you want to explore.

Seminyak Beach Clubs

things to do in seminyak beach clubs

Photo from Mrs Sippy Official Website

The first and best thing to do in Seminyak is spend the day at one of their renowned beach clubs! If you’re trying to have that perfect mix of fun and relaxation then a beach club will definitely be one of the top things to do in Seminyak.

Potato Head Beach Club

We all saw this one coming. You can’t go to Seminyak without checking out Potato Head Beach Club!

This is one of the best things to do in Seminyak if you feel like having a few chilled out drinks by the infinity pool with a gorgeous view of the ocean.

There aren’t too many people who don’t love going here during their Bali backpacking trip!

They also host different events, so head to the official Potato Head Beach Club website for event information, entrance fees and any other information you should know.

Mrs Sippy

Poolside drinks, saltwater pool with a diving board and good tunes. What more do you need during your Bali backpacking escapade?!

This is the perfect thing to do in Seminyak if you want to do some day drinking and possibly show off your diving skills.

Check out their Instagram to see all the fun you could be having at Mrs Sippy Bali!!

Ku De Ta

If sunsets are your thing, I highly recommend you spend an evening having dinner and drinks at the ever so famous Ku De Ta in Seminyak!

There are a lot of things to do in Seminyak that relate to drinking, but Ku De Ta is not a place you should overlook!

Beach Bar at Alila

Unwind with some chilled out beachside drinks at Alila! Just like all good beach clubs, this place looks right out to the ocean and you know we can never say no to that!

Don’t overlook Alila Beach Bar if you’re in search of what to do in Seminyak during your Bali holiday.

Mano Beach House

Yet another restaurant with a killer view in Seminyak!

I don’t think anyone could possibly get sick of eating dinner while overlooking the ocean.

Restaurants & Bars in Seminyak


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When you’re trying to figure out what to do in Seminyak at night, don’t look past the plethora of restaurants and bars that this place is filled with. Explore the nicest restaurants and bars with a killer view

La Plancha

We’ve pretty much all seen a photo of La Plancha at some point while scrolling through our Instagram feeds. In case you haven’t, it’s that photo of all these colorful beanbags and umbrellas on the beach.

One of the most popular things to do in Seminyak, La Plancha is Bali’s first Chiringuito style bar that offers no shortage of drinks, tapas and a bloody good time.

Woo Bar at W Hotel

Oh, and when you’re done taking your glory photo, head to Woo Bar at W Hotel for some food and drink (two things we all love to do).

Take advantage of their incredible pool and take in the view while you sip on your favorite cocktail and vibe the hell out. Perfect way to spend the day? I think so.

Like Potato Head Beach Club, Woo Bar also hosts different events you should attend during your Bali stay. Click here for event information!

Motel Mexicola

Step out of Bali and straight in Mexico. Motel Mexicola is yet another fun restaurant and bar to eat and drink at in Seminyak!

Between the décor, delicious Mexican food and creative cocktails, there’s no wonder why Motel Mexicola is one of the best things to do in Seminyak.

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Seminyak Nightclubs

things to do in seminyak nightclubs

Needless to say, partying is one of our favorite things to do in Seminyak. Well, everywhere really. But Seminyak has provided us with some of the best nights in Bali so these clubs should not be missed when you’re travelling to Bali!

La Favela

La Favela is the best thing to do in Seminyak at night! We’ve had a lot of nights spent dancing away at La Favela, and every single one of them was freakin’ wild to say the least.


This bar will definitely not disappoint, and only provide the best time for you and your friends during you Bali holiday.


Seminyak’s newest club is flooding with people who want nothing but a good time.

OPIVM is always hosting different events featuring some of the best international DJs to ensure your night here is a memorable one. Check out their Facebook page to find out which events are happening and which DJs are playing!

Shopping in Seminyak

things to do in seminyak shopping

Seminyak is swarming with the cutest little boutiques that you need to visit if you love to shop. Seminyak is home to some one our favorite online brands including:

Wanderlust Swim
Faithfull The Brand
Sea Gypsy
Thaikila Bikinis
The People Vs

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Other Things To Do In Seminyak

Photo from Prana Spa Bali


These things are kind of random and didn’t fit into any category, and are kind of different to the rest of our favorite things to do in Seminyak.

Totem Room Escape

Some of you may be thinking “finally!” We have something on this list that isn’t all about drinking! Others may be skipping past this to continue on to the drinking activities.

Sometimes (very rarely) we all need a day off from drinking at some point throughout our Bali backpacking adventures, and this is the perfect way to spend your day off!

Click this link to find out all the information including prices and schedules for Totem Room Escape!

W Hotel Entrance Photo

Charge your cameras, people! This is a photo opportunity you won’t want to miss and possibly one of the most Instagrammable places in Bali.

The entrance into W Hotel is absolutely stunning and should not be missed by anyone who cares about the aesthetic of their Instagram feed.

Prana Spa

What better way to detox from all the day drinking than to pamper yourself at a spa?

The extremely aesthetically pleasing Prana Spa looks exactly like those stunning Moroccan hotels that are to die for. They offer beauty services, yoga and even a peaceful day retreat.

We can all benefit from taking a few hours away from the busy streets of Seminyak to relax in the most beautiful spa in Bali.

Visit the Prana Spa website to find out what services and packages they offer including yoga schedules and prices.


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