How To Travel From Bangkok To Chiang Mai

By Plane, Train, And Bus

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How To Travel From Bangkok To Chiang Mai

By Plane, Train, And Bus

Are you tired of the hectic metropolitan lifestyle of Bangkok and looking to escape?

Then a trip to the beautiful countryside of Chiang Mai is just what you need.

The distinctive misty mountainous region of Chiang Mai is filled with some of Thailand’s most iconic attractions, further embraced by tranquil vibes and complete serenity.

The trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is a very popular route for those backpacking through Thailand.

So, in this blog, I will show you all the best ways to travel from Bangkok To Chiang Mai.


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Bangkok To Chiang Mai Flight

As the most time and cost-efficient way to travel from Bangkok To Chiang Mai, I highly recommend taking a flight.

The trip from Bangkok city center to the International airport takes around 35-minute taxi ride.

Then once you arrive, the Chiang Mai International airport is only about a 10-minute drive from the city center.

bangkok to chiang mai flight

How Long Is The Flight From Bangkok To Chiang Mai?

The flight to Chiang Mai only takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

When compared to the ground transportation options that take between 13 – 15 hours, a flight will save an entire day’s worth of travel time.

Moreover, if your Thailand Itinerary is a bit tight, then these extra hours could help allow you to cross a couple more items off that precious Thailand Bucket List.

How Much Does The Flight From Bangkok To Chiang Mai Cost?

 In addition to saving you precious amounts of travel time in the range of 11 – 13 hours when compared to taking the train or bus, the flight to Chiang Mai doesn’t even cost that much.

In fact, depending on when you decide to book your trip, tickets could be as low as $20 USD for a one-way ticket!

In comparison, the 2nd class standard seat ticket to Chiang Mai by train cost $29 USD.

Often times in Thailand it pays to be extra thorough and check all modes of transportation because you will commonly find flights to be a much better travel option. Even for budget backpackers!

Pro Tip

Although the prices do tend to fluctuate depending on the time of year, you should be able to find decently priced tickets up to around 2 weeks in before your flight date when traveling within Thailand.


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Where To Book Flights From To Chiang Mai from Bangkok? 

The two best places to book flights throughout Thailand are with either Skyscanner or 12Go.Asia.

Both websites are reliable booking engines, whom I have used to book a majority of Thailand travels with.

Click Here To Check Prices With Skyscanner

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Tips For Flying To Chiang Mai

Be sure to check the baggage allowance of the various airlines. Although the initial price may be extremely cheap, often times this does not include checked baggage.

Don’t wait until you arrive at the airport to check the baggage allowance, otherwise, you could get stuck paying higher fees than if you had done it online.

However, keep in mind, not all Thailand airlines allow you to manage checked luggage over the internet, so if you do not see this option available, please do not worry.

Although it only takes around 35 minutes to reach the airport from Bangkok city center, be sure to leave around 2 hours early.  Especially if you are flying during rush hour because taxi travel times will often double.

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Bangkok To Chiang Mai Train

 The departing station from Bangkok is the Hua Lamphong Station.

Hua Lamphong Station is located in the Pathum Wan District, which is located around a 10-minute drive from the backpacker hub of Khao San Road.

Try to arrive early because this station is always jam-packed with people, provided the main station itself is the central hub.

It connects Bangkok to north, eastern and southern Thailand.

bangkok to chiang mai train

How Long Is The Train From Bangkok To Chiang Mai?

The train takes around 13 – 14 hours to reach Chiang Mai from Bangkok.

Therefore, you will want to stock up on some snacks before boarding the train.

Located throughout the terminal there are many different shops and bodegas in case you want to load up before your long journey.

How Much Does The Train From Bangkok To Chiang Mai Cost?

The train prices cost between $29 USD to 62 USD depending on your seating.

The $29 USD is for the standard 2nd class seating and the $62 USD is for the luxurious 1st class sleeper.

Although the 1st class sleeper is a nice option for those backpackers that can afford it, the standard 2nd class seating will do just fine for Thailand backpackers on a budget, so don’t let this bother you.


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Where To Book Chiang Mai Train Tickets?

Although you can purchase tickets from a booking agency or directly from the ticket office at the train station, I highly recommend you book your Chiang Mai To Bangkok tickets using is the number one booking agency for all multimodal travel throughout Southeast Asia

They have excellent customer service who provide insightful information to help relieve some stress from your travel planning.

Additionally, allows you to book your tickets well in advance to help you better secure your trip and help to avoid the possibility of sold out tickets.

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Tips For Taking The Train To Chiang Mai

Trains tend to fill up exceptionally quick in Thailand so it is best to reserve your tickets several days in advance. Otherwise, you may get stuck with some bad seats.

Unlike the weather in Thailand, the trains are borderline freezing. They have the air conditioning cranked all the way up to the max for the entire duration of the trip. So you better not forget to bring a jacket or some warm clothes aboard with you otherwise you will deeply regret it.

This is a pretty long journey so it’s best to come prepared. Be sure to bring a meal and some snacks with you along for the ride cause, at some point during the 13-hour journey, you will get hungry. Along with the fact the little snacks they offer on the train won’t cure any hunger pains.

Although there is supposed to Wi-Fi aboard the train, it is a bit of a hit or miss. Therefore, I wouldn’t really rely on it.

Keep your bags with you at all times when riding the train. Theft has been a growing problem on trains rides throughout Thailand so it’s probably a good idea not leave your luggage unattended.

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Chiang Mai From Bangkok Bus

I suppose if none of the previously mentioned travel options are available from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, then you could take the bus.

This is by far my least favorite mode of transportation, and I try to avoid taking long bus trips whenever I can.

However, with that being said, I have come to accept the fact that sometimes the long bus ride is an unavoidable part of backpacking through Thailand.

Most buses in Bangkok include pickup from your hotel.  However, occasionally they do require passengers to get picked up from a specific location around Khao San road.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai Bus

How Long Is The Bus From Bangkok To Chiang Mai?

The trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai takes around 10 -12 hours.

In case you’re wondering about the bathroom situation, there is indeed a toilet on board.

However, once you actually see the condition of the disgustingness that they call a toilet, you will probably just choose to hold it until you are off the bus.

Along the trip to Chiang Mai, the bus does stop several times for bathroom and snack breaks.

How Much Does The Bus From Bangkok To Chiang Mai Cost? 

The bus to Chiang Mai costs on average around $23 USD – $30 USD and typically does not fluctuate too much in cost.

The lower price tickets are estimated to take around 12 hours to arrive, while the higher priced tickets are estimated to take around 10 hours to arrive.

bus to chiang mai from bangkok

Where To Buy Chiang Mai Bus Tickets?

There are travel agencies located on practically every street corner in Thailand where you can purchase Chiang Mai bus tickets.

However, I highly recommend you book your Chiang Mai To Bangkok tickets using

Similar to as I mentioned above, it’s hard to beat the simplicity of booing website.

Click Here To Check Prices With 12Go.Asia

Tips For Taking The Bus To Chiang Mai

Similar to taking the train to Chiang Mai, the bus also has an ever-growing thieving problem. Except for this time, the thieves somehow manage to get into the cargo hold.  Therefore, it is advised to keep all valuable electronics, money, and passports with you on the bus and never in the cargo hold.

Beware that space is extremely limited on the bus, therefore, don’t expect to be too comfortable along your journey.

Like I mentioned above beware the bathroom situation.

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