How It All Works?

Select Travel Preferences

Complete our quick quiz describing your dream holiday, which will help us plan a perfectly fitted trip to your liking.

Additionally, upon submitting your quiz, you will be able to chat and email with your travel designer throughout the process helping us craft everything to your vision.

Let Us Work Our Magic

Based on your quiz responses, we will immediately begin searching through the web and constructing the perfect holiday itinerary for you.

We will sort through our extensive resources of flight choices,  preferred accommodation options and destinations that best fit your needs.

Get Ready For The Trip Of Your Dreams

Once you are satisfied with your trip we will email your personalized itinerary portfolio including all of the details of your trip along with your booking links.

All that’s left to do is click on booking links to secure all of your reservations, and voila! Your dream holiday is awaiting you.


How It All Came About?


Once we began documenting our travel experiences on YouTube and Instagram, viewers almost immediately fell in love with the flawless mix of party and adventure.

The positive responses were so overwhelming, and viewers were eager to find travel experiences like this for themselves but didn’t know where to look.

Not long after our first video did we begin receiving countless messages from viewers inquiring about when the next Wild & Away tour was going to be and how could they join in on all the fun.

Sadly, we couldn’t be there for every single trip, so we decided the next best thing would be to book YOU the perfect backpacking party trip, exactly the same way we’d plan it for ourselves!

Why Should You Have Us Plan Your Trip?


You may have a good time, but we party harder.

As the self-proclaimed “party experts” you can rest easy knowing that we will only recommend the wildest, most hedonistic party destinations in your itinerary.


Dreaming up the perfect holiday is the fun part. But actually taking the time to put it all together… Not so much.

We will take that jumbled mess of ideas, friends recommendations and destinations you’ve seen on Instagram and organize it all into the perfect holiday itinerary.


Although booking a travel tour would be quick and simple, do you really prefer to be locked into someone else’s schedule?

Let us be clear. We do not book you a tour.

Instead, we create a fully customized itinerary entirely based on your wants and needs, constructing the perfect holiday just for you.


After backpacking the globe for the past 7 years, it’s safe to say we’ve made our fair share of mistakes along the way.

However, learning from these mistakes has given us the insight to travel smarter, helping our travelers avoid making those same missteps we once made.


Per Day
We charge $10 per day of travel.
-Get paired with a professional trip coordinator.
-Includes up to 4 travelers.
* Additional $5 per person/day for groups exceeding 4 people.
-A full holiday itinerary including all flights, accommodation, and select public transportation.
-As well as links to all suggested activities and tours during your trip.
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Popular Destinations


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We get it; traveling for the first time is a big and often scary decision.

There are a lot of unknowns and what if’s dancing through your head that can sometimes become so overwhelming that you may never even end up booking the trip.

That’s where we come in.

Wild & Away offers you the unique opportunity to have your dream holiday planned by experts, who will custom-build the entire trip to exactly what you want to see and do.

Planned by experts that you can trust, we eliminate all the unnecessary stress, uncertainty, and indecisiveness that comes along with planning the perfect holiday, so all you have left to do is enjoy it all.

Simply fill out our quick travel quiz which will tell us everything we need to know to help us plan your dream trip.

Upon submitting this initial request, we will continue to stay in contact with you throughout the planning process via email and chat to help ensure we get every detail correct, guaranteeing you a perfect holiday.

The price entirely depends on how many days you wish to travel.

We charge $20 per day of travel. Therefore, if you’re traveling for seven days, 7 x 20 = $140.

This price includes travel for up to 4 people on the same trip.

So even if you are traveling with a group of 4 people, the cost is still only $20 per day.

You can split this cost between the group which is guaranteed to save everyone some money all while getting the tailor-made holiday itinerary of your dreams!

Furthermore, for groups larger than four people, we only charge $5 per day for each additional person.

When you book a tour, there is literally no freedom to do what you want, no matter how much freedom they may claim there is.

However, when you book with Wild & Away, you’re getting a 100% custom-made itinerary that is just for you, tailored to suit your needs.

No customer is the same, and your holiday shouldn’t be either.

We can custom-build your itinerary for over 70 different destinations.

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That’s totally fine! We can definitely recommend the best destination to suit your needs.

All you have to do is help us envision what type of holiday you are looking to experience.

For example, if you know you want to party on your holiday but you’re unsure of where to go for the best nightlife, we will recommend you the best destinations and continue the itinerary from there.

Yes! Once we’ve completed the itinerary, we will allow one major amendment in your booking.

A major amendment is considered changing your entire destination or changing any dates that would affect more than 25% of your total travel time.

Major Amendment Examples:

Destination Change Example: Changing travel destinations from Bali to Thailand or changing from Southeast Asia to Europe.

Dates Change Example: Changing travel dates of the trip from March to July or changing two weeks’ worth of dates for a three-week total trip.

Other minor amendments like switching hotels, tours or swapping single destinations within a particular region are considered minor and can be done throughout the planning process.

* Please note, once your booking reservation is paid for through the third party websites, it is no longer in our hands to amend.

Once you purchase your travel booking package with us, you have 48 hours to cancel it and get a full refund.

However, once we’ve started planning your itinerary after the initial 48 hours have passed, you can no longer get a refund.

If you do wish to get a refund within the first 48 hours of purchasing our service, please email us at

No, for your convenience and security, we do not require any credit card or banking information except on the initial payment which is processed through either PayPal or Stripe, meaning we will never see or hold onto your financial details.

Once we’ve finished planning your trip we will send you a travel itinerary portfolio containing all necessary booking links to secure your hotels and flights and other necessary travel reservations for your upcoming trip.

These booking links will send you to separate travel booking sites where your payment reservations will be processed.

Wild & Away is not associated with travel booking sites like or Airbnb so once your payment is processed through these websites, you will then deal with these businesses directly.  

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