Waling Waling Beach Coron Palawan

Coron Island Hopping Tour

Waling Waling Beach Coron Palawan Coron Island Hopping Tour

Waling Waling Beach Coron Palawan

Coron Island Hopping Tour

Guess what? There’s more to Coron Island Hopping than just Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon. So let me introduce you to one of the best beaches in Coron Palawan, Waling Waling Beach.

Waling Waling Beach is one of the lesser-known destinations visited by tourists. However, with a blindingly white sandbar leading all the way to what I’d consider a perfect beach, and possibly the clearest most luminous turquoise water you’ll ever see in your life, it’s no doubt that Waling Waling Beach is the Coron Island hopping destination you never knew you needed.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about visiting Waling Waling Island during your Coron Palawan Island Hopping Tour!

Waling Waling Beach Coron PalawanSWIMWEAR BY: THE WILD SWIM



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Where Is Waling Waling Island Coron?

Waling Waling Island is an island essentially part of the Bulalacao Island group in Coron Palawan. If you’re struggling to find Waling Waling Beach on Google Maps, thats because it’s not on Google Maps.

However, if you look up Malacory Island, this is where Waling Waling Beach is located.  It’s connected to Bulog Dos Island via a sandbar, and Bulog Dos Island is attached to Bulalacao Island via another sandbar.

To this day I’m not sure if it’s called Waling Waling Beach or Malacory Island or if Waling Waling Beach is just a beach on Malacory Island. All I know is that the locals called it Waling Waling Beach, so that’s what you can ask for when booking your Coron Island Hopping boat tour.

Waling Waling Island Coron PalawanSWIMWEAR BY: THE WILD SWIM


How To Get To Waling Waling Island Coron Palawan?

Like all things worth seeing in Coron Palawan, Waling Waling Beach is accessible only by boat. However, unlike all the different Coron Island destinations like Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon which take only 25 minutes to get to, Waling Waling Beach is a whopping 1.5 hour boat ride away from Coron Town.

While this may seem tedious, trust me it’s worth it. Not to mention the best part of it all, that being located further away means that it’s not as popular of a Coron boat tour and therefore there are not many tourists here at all!

Waling Waling Beach Coron Palawan drone shot

To get here you can either choose to take a public boat tour or a private boat tour.

This destination is usually included in Coron Island Hopping Tour C otherwise known as the Island Escapade Tour, however, I highly recommend booking a private tour and adding even more destinations to your Island Hopping Tour.

The Island Escapades Tour only includes:

  • Malcapuya Island
  • Banana Island
  • Bulog Dos Island

As you can see, it doesn’t exactly include Waling Waling Beach, however, you can easily walk there from Bulog Dos Island. However, if you choose to do a private tour like we did, you can add more unmissable destinations to this such as:

  • Coco Beach
  • Ditaytayan Island

Waling Waling Island Public Tour Boat

The majority of boat tours depending on which tour you choose and which travel agency you book with costs between 1300-1700 PHP. This price includes your food for the day.

While public boat tours are good when you’re traveling by yourself, a downfall is you don’t get to choose where you go and how much time to spend at each destination on the tour.

Waling Waling Island Private Tour Boat

The recommended option, a private boat tour will be a little bit more expensive, but worth every penny.

The price usually doesn’t include food so you will have the option to go to the market early in the morning before the boat departs to buy fresh fish and other delicious food for your lunch that day that the boat crew will cook for you.

In our case, our private boat tour cost us about 2000 PHP per person (with 5 people) and this included 5 destinations. On top of this, we bought some delicious food from the market that was cooked to perfection later that day!

Waling Waling Beach Coron Palawan boat tour


When Is The Best Time To Visit Waling Waling Beach?

You will most likely visit Waling Waling Beach at the start of your Coron Island Hopping Tour, before any of the other destinations. So if you leave Coron Town at around 8 am (which is when the boat tours start), you will get to Waling Waling Beach at around 9:30 am.

The earlier you get here, the fewer boats will be there. With that being said, Waling Waling Beach isn’t that well known of a destination so it’s usually pretty quiet at any time during the day.

Waling Waling Beach Coron Palawan

When we first arrived at Waling Waling Island at 9:30 am.


Waling Waling Beach Coron Palawan-1

When we were leaving Waling Waling Island at 10:30 am.


Waling Waling Island Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for Waling Waling Beach is prepaid before you get on the boat and will cost no more than 200-300 PHP. The travel agent usually adds this on top of the price of the tour you are paying for, as the entrance fees vary depending on which islands you visit during the Coron boat tour.

What To Do On Waling Waling Beach?

Waling Waling Beach is the number one place for you to get a serious sun tan, play around in the clearest waters, and walk up and down that perfectly placed sandbar.


Waling Waling Beach Coron PalawanSWIMWEAR BY: THE WILD SWIM


Frequently Asked Questions


Is There Any Accommodation On Waling Waling Beach?

There is no accommodation on Waling Waling Beach, however, there is accommodation on the tip of Bulalacao Island that connects to Bullog Dos Island (which connects to Waling Waling Beach).

For an extreme tropical getaway, this 5-star resort has got you covered. Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa will spoil you rotten with the finest tropical luxury has to offer.

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How Long Should I Spend On Waling Waling Beach?

Depending on how many destinations you have as part of your Coron boat tour, the boat crew will most likely tell you to spend somewhere between 30-60 minutes, however you could easily spend 2-3 hours here.

Therefore, if you have fewer destinations on your tour, you can spend probably 2 hours here, but if you have any more then you’ll have to sacrifice some of your time at Waling Waling Beach to go to fit in all the other destinations (although the sacrifice is well worth it).

If you’re planning on staying at the Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa, I recommend 2 nights here in order for you to relax and get to explore the area a bit.


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