What To Do In Palomino Colombia

The Last Guide You’ll Ever Need

what to do in palomino colombiaWhat To Do In Palomino Colombia

The Last Guide You’ll Ever Need

The once considered “off the beaten path” destination of Palomino Colombia has recently turned into a cherished backpacker haven and it’s not hard to see why.

Nestled along Colombia’s northern coast, the laid-back and carefree atmosphere of this little beachside town is absolutely delightful.

While I wouldn’t go as far as saying it is a must-see destination for everyone backpacking Colombia, it does have a unique charm about it.

where to stay in palomino colombia

For any traveler that needs a break from the relentless adventures navigating Colombia’s most exotic jungles and hectic cities; a few days in Palomino is exactly what you need.

No matter if you choose to spend the days lounging poolside at the Dreamer or coasting down the Palomino river with nothing but a beer in your hand, Playa Palomino Colombia has got your every relaxation need covered.

Continue reading to find out exactly what to do in Palomino Colombia along with everything else you need to know about this up and coming backpacker hotspot.

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Best Things To Do In Palomino Colombia

Tube Down The Palomino River


what to do in palomino colombia

Hands down one of the best things to do in Palomino is to go tubing down the Palomino river.

While it’s probably not going to be the most life-changing experience during your time spent backpacking Colombia, there is just something special about grabbing cooler full of Aguila (the local Colombian beer) and just floating down a river in the middle of the jungle with some new friends from all over the world.

It’s a serene and entertaining trip that will be full of laughs, cliff jumping, the wilderness and nothing but a good time.

Tubing should cost you no more than 40,000 COP (Colombian Pesos) which is approximately $13 USD.


Pro Tip

Don’t bring anything that can’t get wet, or make sure to bring a waterproof bag with you on the trip.

Several people somehow managed to forget water is wet, and let’s just say there was a lot of people placing their iPhone’s in bags full of rice after their tubing experience.


Visit Quebrada Valencia


what to do in palomino colombia

Who doesn’t love a beautiful three tier cascading waterfall in the middle of the jungle?

Be sure to head to Quebrada Valencia for a beautiful and relaxing place to swim in the most refreshing waters all while being completely engulfed by nature.

Additionally, if you are feeling particularly daring then be sure to head up the slippery watershed to the second waterfall where you will discover the most insane cliff jump.

Upon reaching the second tier of the waterfall, you will have three options.

Either climb up the steep dirt path and jump off of the little 15-foot cliff. Or proceed to climb up even further than this higher into the trees, and jump off a 30-foot cliff drop instead.

Keep in mind there will be tree branches you will have to avoid on your way down if you choose this risky option.

The third option is to simply go for a swim and watch others nervously attempt the jump.

The choice is yours.

Either way, if you do decide to attempt the jump, proceed at your own risk because this is one of the riskier cliff jumps I’ve seen.

The hike to the waterfall takes around 20 minutes along a dirt path.

The trail is pretty well defined so you should have no concerns about getting lost.

Additionally, there will be about a 5000 COP parking fee at the store where you will park your motorbike.

Tayrona National Park

 tayrona national park colombia


Tayrona National Park is probably the most popular place to visit in the northeast section of Colombia and is an absolute must for anyone traveling the Colombia backpacking circuit.

Filled with a number of stunning beaches, diverse wildlife, and seemingly endless acres of Colombian jungle, Tayrona National Park will be an absolute treasure for any nature lover.

Additionally, if you find yourself a bit bored with the lackadaisical lifestyle of Palomino, then this is the perfect day trip to break that lazy routine that you have become all too familiar with.

Tayrona National Park is located just around an hour drive from Palomino, however, if you take your own motorbike, you will more likely than not be able to shave some time off of this.

The entrance fee for Tayrona National park was 66,000 COP at the time of January 2019, which is approximately $21 USD.

This price may or may not drop depending on which time of the year you visit Tayrona National Park.

Although this is quite expensive by Colombian standards, if you bring your student card then the price for admission will be dramatically reduced to just 7000 COP!


Pro Tip

DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT! – Like most travelers, your passport is probably tucked safely away in your locker when you go out for the day to do a hike.  Well, what whatever you do make sure you bring it with you or at least have a clear photograph of it in your phone when you visit Tayrona National Park.

By law, the Tayrona National Park ticket office actually requires you to show it when purchasing your ticket for the park.

Therefore, unless you feel like going for a joy ride all the way back to Palomino, then I suggest you pack it the night before.


Los Naranjos Beach


what to do in palomino 

Located at the northernmost tip of Tayrona National Park sits Los Naranjos.

This secret little Colombian gem sits all by its lonesome where the Piedras river meets The Atlantic, isolated in secrecy.

Unlike when you visit the more popular regions of Tayrona National Park like Cabo San Juan, Los Naranjos is not swarming with hordes of tourists.

While there are several nice seaside bungalows and eco-resorts located just steps away on Playa Los Angeles, there is practically no one there.

Thus, making it one of the few places left in Colombia to truly escape.

Go Shopping

what to do in palomino colombia 

Palomino is full of quaint little boutiques riddled with handcrafted jewelry, crochet clothing, and other distinctively handmade collectibles.

Since most of the shops are found along the main road, you will find it quite difficult not to stop for a cheeky peek during your other daily activities.

Just be sure to take out enough cash before arriving in Palomino because there is no ATM in town.

The nearest ATM is 30 minutes away in the neighboring town.


Los Flamencos Fauna and Flora Sanctuary


For most people looking for what to do in Palomino Colombia, a Flamingo Sanctuary may or may not jump out to you as something you want to visit.

However, I just figured I’d at least mention it anyway and let you decide.

Located about 45 minutes away by bus, the Flamingo Sanctuary is located in the town of Camarones.

Although you can get here by bus, I recommend renting a motorbike and hitting the open road as opposed to squeezing into a sardine can-like bus for an hour.

Click Here To Learn More On Los Flamencos Fauna and Flora Sanctuary

What To Do In Palomino Colombia At Night?

what to do in palomino at night

Don’t come here expecting any crazy beach parties similar to Thailand’s infamous Full Moon Party.

Palomino is quite a chilled out beachside town and the Palomino nightlife genuinely reflects that.

There are several bars located along the main strip in Palomino, however, they close around 1 am, quite possibly 2 am depending on the bar.

Additionally, most bars only offer live music and a majority of them don’t’ even really get going until the weekend.

However, a majority of nights once the bars close, most people will grab some drinks and a speaker and continue the party down at the beach.

Therefore, if you are visiting Palomino expecting a wild beach party comparable to other famous beach towns around the world, you will be heavily disappointed.


Pro Tip

On the off chance that you arrive during a big party event, Palomino does a really bad job of advertising so be sure to ask the hostel, local bars, or other hostel mates if they know of anything going down.

The backpacker hostel named El Rio (located about 40 minutes from Palomino) is commonly known to throw 1 or 2 all night rager’s at random times throughout the month so definitely be on the lookout.

Where To Stay In Palomino Colombia?


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the dreamer palomino colombiaThe Dreamer Palomino

Backpackers On A Budget

Searching for one of the best hostels in Palomino?

Look no further than The Dreamer.

With one of the best designs of any hostel in Colombia, everything about this place screams tropical.

Embellished with a gorgeous pool, delicious restaurant, and super chilled out lounge area, it’s no wonder why The Dreamer is typically the first hostel to sell out of rooms in Palomino.

where to stay in palomino colombiaWhat We Love

  • One of the best social atmospheres in Palomino
  • You don’t even have to leave the hostel for tasty food
  • A flawless location that is steps away from the beach
  • Perfect pool area that is great for lounging
  • Really good WIFI (especially considering it’s a beach hostel)
  • Super friendly staff


What Could Have Been Better

  • When I first heard about The Dreamer I was expecting a bit more of a party atmosphere, however much like the rest of Palomino, the party never does really get going.


Click Here To Check Prices On Hostelworld.com

tiki hut hostel palomino

Tiki Hut Hostel

Backpackers On A Budget


Located directly across the street from each other, Tiki Hut is pretty much an exact replica to The Dreamer.

For any backpacker looking for the best social atmospheres in Palomino, it is honestly a toss-up between The Dreamer and Tiki Hut Hostel.


What We Love

  • One of the best social atmospheres in Palomino
  • A stone’s toss away from the beach
  • Beautiful pool and outdoor lounge area
  • Really good WIFI (especially considering it’s a beach hostel)
  • Delicious restaurant located at the front of the hostel


What Could Have Been Better

  • Similar to The Dreamer, we were led to believe Tiki Hut was a bit more of a party hostel. However, if you lower your expectations of the term “party hostel” and think of it more as a relaxing and social friendly hostel then you will absolutely love it.


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How Long To Stay In Palomino Colombia?

what to do in palomino colombia

While Colombia’s coolest beach town is indeed a lovely place, I strongly recommend only staying in Palomino for 2-3 nights.

It is certainly the perfect place for some rest and relaxation, however, that is pretty much all there is to do there.

Especially if you have already visited Tayrona National Park during your stay in Santa Marta, backpackers will find the eventual boredom inevitable when overstaying your welcome in Palomino.

How To Get To Palomino Colombia?

Traveling from to Palomino from Santa Marta is the most common route for backpackers.

The Palomino bus from Santa Mara costs 10,000 COP which is approximately $3 USD.

The Palomino bus departs near the Market at the intersection of Calle 11 and Carrera 9.

The bus trip from Santa Marta to Palomino takes around 2 hours depending on traffic and the number of stops along the way.


Pro Tip

This is also the bus station that will take you to Minca or Tayrona National Park.

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