Where To Stay In Amsterdam For Backpackers

Best Hostels In Amsterdam

where to stay in amsterdam

Where To Stay In Amsterdam For Backpackers

{Best Hostels In Amsterdam}


Amsterdam, oh Amsterdam. Where do we begin?

Between the coffee shops, intensely rich history, and gorgeous canals, Amsterdam has made its way to the top of the list for favorite cities in the world among many travelers.

Finding where to stay in Amsterdam is never really an issue seeing as there are so many incredible accommodation choices at your feet!

Keep reading to find out all the best hostels in Amsterdam…

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Best Hostels In Amsterdam:

Overall Best Hostel In Amsterdam: Flying Pig Downtown

Best Place To Stay In Amsterdam For Backpackers: The Bulldog

Best Party Hostel In Amsterdam: ClinkNOORD

Best Hostel In Amsterdam For Couples: Cocomama

Best Place To Stay In Amsterdam For Solo Travelers: Generator Amsterdam

Best Cheap Hostel in Amsterdam: The White Tulip Hostel

Most Instagrammable Hostel In Amsterdam: Lucky Lake Hostel


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where to stay in amsterdam


Best Party Hostels In Amsterdam


St Christopher’s At The Winston

where to stay in amsterdam
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This hostel is so social, it’s the best place to stay in Amsterdam for solo travelers.

The location of this Amsterdam Hostel is prime, being situated just 1-minute away from Dam Square in the Red-Light District in a pedestrian-only street called Warmoesstraat which is filled with coffee shops, bars, and nightclubs.

Don’t stay here if you’re looking for a solid night’s sleep, as they host parties on the patio that last till about 4am.

They even have a nightclub right next door, so it’s safe to say that this hostel is prime when it comes to finding where to stay in Amsterdam for partying!

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If you’re searching for where to stay in Amsterdam that has a solid party and social atmosphere, look no further.

The thing that distinguishes this hostel from every other Amsterdam hostel on this list, is that back in the 1920s it was in fact a laboratory which has since been turned into one of the best hostels in Amsterdam!

Not to mention that this also happens to be one of the best party hostels in Amsterdam!

ClinkNOORD is a social party hostel located in the heart of central Amsterdam that offers nothing but a good time for the guests who stay there.

Definitely consider ClinkNOORD if you’re traveling solo and want to meet other people who are down to have as much fun as you are.

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If you’re wondering why there are two Flying Pig Hostels in one city, this is the original Flying Pig Hostel, and is without a doubt one of the best hostels in Amsterdam.

In comparison to Flying Pig Downtown, expect this hostel to be a little more tame and quieter due to it being located a little further away from the Red-Light District where Flying Pig Downtown is situated.

In saying this, Flying Pig Uptown is still located in a great position that is close to coffee shops, museums, and bars where most of the locals hang out.

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The only hostel better than Flying Pig Uptown, is of course Flying Pig Downtown!

Flying Pig Downtown a no brainer when it comes to finding where to stay in Amsterdam.

It’s just like the original uptown hostel, only difference is you’re perfectly located smack bang in the center of Amsterdam right next to Amsterdam Central Station.

Basically, this is the overall best hostel in Amsterdam and Flying Pig can do no wrong!

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Finding where to stay in Amsterdam for smoking is not a difficult task in this city.

The Bulldog was the first coffee shop to ever come about in Amsterdam back in the 70s and has since expanded into a chain featuring more coffee shops, bars, and evidently this hostel.

And before you ask, yes, this hostel allows the consumption of Cannabis.

It’s conveniently located smack bang in the center of all the Amsterdam fun in the Red-Light District, being close to a myriad of bars, nightclubs, window girls, and coffee shops.

So if you’ve come to Amsterdam to experience smoking and window girls, The Bulldog is undoubtedly the best place to stay in Amsterdam for you.

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Generator Amsterdam is one of the best overall social hostels in Amsterdam!

It’s usually one of the top picks for travelers when finding where to stay in Amsterdam.

It houses 564 guests so if you’re traveling by yourself and want to meet others, Generator Hostel is the place to do it!

This hostel features not one, not two, but THREE bars where you can hang out nightly and pregame before you go out.

It’s a centrally located, nice & comfortable hostel with a pretty good social atmosphere which makes this one of the best hostels in Amsterdam for backpackers!

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The White Tulip Hostel

best hostels in amsterdam
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It’s located within the Red-Light District, it’s one of the cheapest hostels in Amsterdam, it has an onsite Irish Pub, so what else could you possibly need?

The White Tulip Hostel is one of the best places to stay in Amsterdam especially if you’re on a super tight budget, being extremely affordable without having to sacrifice comfort while you’re at it.

In addition to this, this Amsterdam hostel is located in Central Amsterdam, making it so much easier when you feel like going to the local coffee shop, bar, or leisurely stroll to the canals.

Finding where to stay in Amsterdam when you’re on a tight budget is a blissful task thanks to The White Tulip Hostel!

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Best Hostels In Amsterdam That Aren’t Party Or Smoking Hostels

This is hands down one of most unique hostels not just in Amsterdam, but in the entire world.

Lucky Lake Hostel was created using a variety of trailers and buses, making this one of the most avant-garde and best hostels in Amsterdam.

This Amsterdam hostel is anything but ordinary, so expect quirky décor in every direction you turn.

Keep in mind, Lucky Lake Hostel is not located in the center of Amsterdam, and is instead located further out in the Dutch countryside, however don’t let this deter you from staying here because they offer a free shuttle service to and from the metro stop where you can make your way into the city.

Regardless of the location, Lucky Lake Hostel is still one of the best backpacker hostels Amsterdam.

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I bet you’ve never stayed in a hostel that was once before a brothel!

Well, if you stay at Cocomama, you will be able to tell people you have.

This place was formerly a brothel from the 1930s and they have created one of the best hostels in Amsterdam out of it!

There’s nothing simple or mainstream about Cocomama which is one of the reasons travelers love this Amsterdam hostel so much.

It’s also located in the center, being within close distance to any convenience you may need during your travels.

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If Cocomama is fully booked, you may want to try their sister hostel, Ecomama!

As the name describes, Ecomama Hostel encourages an eco-conscious lifestyle so for all you backpackers mindful of the environment, your search for the best place to stay in Amsterdam stops here!

Apart from being as environmentally friendly as can be, Ecomama has an incredibly chilled-out and artsy vibe to it, so if you’re someone who doesn’t want to stay in a hostel that is too loud, Ecomama will be perfect choice for you when finding where to stay in Amsterdam.

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When Should I Visit Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is at its peak during the summer months from about May until the end of September, however it’s busiest during July & August.

If being surrounded by hordes of tourists isn’t really your thing, Amsterdam is also gorgeous during winter and it is much quieter at this time than it is in summer.

What is the best neighborhood to stay in Amsterdam?

The best area to stay in Amsterdam for backpackers would have to be somewhere within the Old Centrum which is where most tourists tend to be during their stay.

The Old Centrum is, as the name depicts, central to everything you will want to see and do in this beautiful city.

The best nightlife scene is in these two areas within the Old Centrum called Leidseplein & Rembrandtplein.

What Is The Centre Of Amsterdam Called?

The very centre of Amsterdam is called Old Centrum, and this is where you will find the red-light district (De Wallen), all the coffee shops and those stunning canals that Amsterdam is so very famous for.

Dam Square is as central as you can get, so be sure to stay somewhere close and you will have everything you need within close proximity!

What is a coffee shop?

When you hear the word coffee shop, you’d most likely be imagining a café that sells coffee and food… until you get to Amsterdam that is.

Welcome to Amsterdam, where coffee shops turn into Cannabis Café’s and finding a joint to smoke becomes easier than finding actual coffee to drink.

You can, in fact, get a coffee at a coffee shop, however these establishments are indeed alcohol-free.

You can buy alcohol at a bar, but where you can buy alcohol you cannot buy cannabis.

If you just want a coffee in a cannabis-free environment, you’re going to have to find a coffee house, not a coffee shop.

The reason they call it a coffee shop is because it is essentially illegal to advertise the consumption of Cannabis, but of course it is not illegal to actually consume it.

 Where To Stay In Amsterdam For Smoking?

There are many hostels that allow smoking as mentioned above, but here is a quick list to name a few:

  • Flying Pig Uptown
  • Flying Pig Downtown
  • The Bulldog
  • St Christopher’s At The Winston

How many days are sufficient in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam can probably be done in about 3 days.

This will give you enough time to experience the smoking and nightlife culture, explore the history and any other activities you want to do there.

Is it safe to go to the Red Light district in Amsterdam?

The Red Light District is quite safe, however it is known to be a common area for thieving and pickpocketing so be sure to keep your valuables safe.

This applies to everywhere in the world and is just common sense.


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