Where To Stay In Cartagena Colombia

The Certified Guide

where to stay in cartagena colombia

Where To Stay In Cartagena Colombia

(The Certified Guide)

The city of Cartagena is often the first stop for most backpackers when traveling to Colombia.

Whether it’s because of the rich history, low priced flights, rambunctious nightlife or the cities overflow of Colombian culture, there is no doubt in my mind that Cartagena will be one of the most memorable destinations you will come across.

Thus, in a city with such an illustrious reputation and so many places to explore, the only difficult part of it all is figuring out where to stay in Cartagena.

As such a popular travel destination it’s no surprise that Cartagena is absolutely brimming with different hostel and hotel options.

However, with so many different options to choose from it’s quite easy to get lost in all the different possibilities.

Therefore, unlike other blogs who list and rank practically every hostel/hotel in their “where to stay in Cartagena” guides…

In order to make things easier for you, we have truly only listed the best hostels in Cartagena.

Hopefully, this helps make at least one decision easy for all of our excessively indecisive readers out there.

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What Is The Best Part of Cartagena To Stay?

best hotels in cartagena

The best part of Cartagena to stay is either the Old Town or Getsemani.

Choosing accommodation in this area is close to a majority of the most famous attractions of the city.

Attributed to their excellent location, these two areas are very popular amongst travelers, therefore booking accommodation anywhere within either of the two is considered to be quite safe.

Be aware Old Town accommodation is typically a bit more on the expensive side, however, if you know where to look, good deals can be found.

On the other hand, Getsemani is booming with budget accommodation in every which direction without sacrificing location.

Getsemani and the Old Town are located about a 5-minute walk from each other, so don’t give yourself a headache over which place is better.


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Media Luna Hostel

media luna hostel cartagena

Best Party Hostels In Cartagena

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Furnished with their own nightclub and rooftop bar, Media Luna is the epitome of a party hostel.

Every Wednesday night they host a massive hostel party, at which practically everyone in Cartagena is at attendance to.

The cover cost for the weekly event is 15,000 COP (which is approximately $5 USD), however for anyone staying at Media Luna the event is free.

Not to forget guests of the hostel are allowed to skip the long entry line.

Aside from playing host to one of the biggest party events of the week, Media Luna offers backpackers a prime location in the heart of the Getsemani neighborhood of Cartagena, which is in perfect walking distance to some of the most popular attractions in Cartagena.

Furthermore, for any backpacker traveling alone and looking to make friends, Media Luna has a very conveniently designed and sociable common area where travelers commonly gather throughout the day.

If you are looking to stay at one of the best party hostels in Cartagena, Media Luna is your safest bet.

Pro Tip

Planning on visiting the Rosario Islands during your stay in Cartagena?

Media Luna Hostel offers the option to swap out one of your nights in Cartagena so you can stay at their partner hostel in the Rosario Islands.


What We Love About Media Luna Hostel


  • Host a huge party every single Wednesday night in their own exclusive nightclub
  • Excellent location inside the popular Getsemani district of Cartagena
  • Option to exchange one night at the hostel in Getsemani, for one night at their partner hostel in the Rosario Islands.
  • Assortment of nightly events like Salsa dancing and Karaoke night.
  • Lively community of backpackers all looking to party.



Republica Hostel

Best Hostels In Cartagena For Solo Travelers

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This little gem of a find offers a fun, relaxed and above all welcoming stay in one of Cartagena’s best hostels.

Perfectly situated inside the walls of the charmingly historic Old Town, Republica Hostel is always just a few steps away from the action.

Whether you are interested in exploring Cartagena’s rich history, soaking up some Colombian culture or partying till you drop amongst the city’s vibrant nightlife scene, Republica Hostel is never more than a few minutes away from any event.

In addition to its perfect location, Republica Hostel is located in a beautiful three-floor colonial-style building and embellished with a pool and massive courtyard area, which make the perfect places to socialize and meet the other guests of the hostel.

Located upstairs, surrounding the courtyard are the hostel dorms which are quite clean and cozy featuring closed off style dorm beds.

With all of these amazing features, it’s not hard to see why Republica Hostel is one of the best hostels in Cartagena.


What We Love About Republica Hostel


  • Voted the most popular hostel in Cartagena for the 2018 Hoscars
  • Beautiful outdoor swimming pool, which is perfect to hang out with some friends
  • Perfect for lounging and meeting new friends
  • Organized events such as Pub Crawls and walking tours
  • Perfect location in the center of the Old Town.


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Hostel Mamallena

mamallena hostel cartagena

Best Hostels In Cartagena For Solo Travelers

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This hostel sure does hold a special place in our hearts.

Out of all the hostels we stayed at in Cartagena, Mamallena staff are by far the most genuine and welcoming, making this hostel truly stand out among the rest.

The staff here really do go above and beyond to make sure you feel at home during your stay.

In addition to this, for solo travelers visiting Cartagena, making friends at a hostel has never been easier.

Every night, hostel mates gather around the outside patio and bar area for some pre-drinks and friendly conversation

While I wouldn’t classify this place itself as a party hostel, a good night out is never too hard to find when staying here.

Mix in Mamallena’s perfect location in the heart of the Getsemani district along with the exceptionally cheap room prices and you have finally found your answer for where to stay in Cartagena Colombia.

What We Loved About Mamallena Hostel


  • Bar and BYOB (Bring your own bottles) which is a rarity amongst most Colombia hostels
  • Can book a majority of tours and transfers from here such as a round trip ticket to exploring the famous Playa Blanca.
  • Super friendly staff that go above and beyond to make you feel at home.
  • Perfect location in the middle of the Getsemani neighborhood of Cartagena.


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El Arsenal Hostel Boutique

best hostels in cartagena colombia

Best Hostels In Cartagena For Comfort and Relaxation

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El Arsenal Hostel Boutique is located on one of the most beautiful streets in the city along the bay.

The view outside is truly second to none and is one of the most pleasant spots in Cartagena.

In addition to its prime location, El Arsenal has some of the nicest dorm rooms out of anywhere in Cartagena, with each bed equipped with its very own night light and charging port.

El Arsenal also features a large pool which is the perfect place to escape the relentless Colombian sun.

Furthermore, Wi-Fi works seamlessly throughout the hostel allowing digital nomads the perfect opportunity to get some work done without stressing over some mediocre internet connection.

Spending a few nights at El Arsenal feels more like you are in a hotel as opposed to a hostel, and priced at under $15 a dorm bed this is hands down one of the best places to stay in Cartagena.


What We Love About El Arsenal Hostel Boutique


  • Clean and contemporary style dorm rooms
  • Extremely affordable price especially when considering the quality of the hostel
  • Premier location
  • Excellent Wi-Fi connection throughout the hostel
  • Dangerously comfortable and almost too difficult leave


Click Here To Check Prices For El Arsenal Hostel Boutique On Hostelworld.com

Delirio Hotel

where to stay in cartagena colombia

Best Budget Hotel In Cartagena Old City

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For anyone looking to switch things up from the hostel life for a bit, I highly recommend booking a room at the Delirio Hotel.

Nestled perfectly in the middle of the Old Town, this is the perfect place to stay if you need to step away from the constant dorm rooms and into a taste of luxury.

Not to mention that hotels of this quality located within the Old Town, typically go for a much higher rate so as long as Delirio is still available, this is one deal you won’t want to let pass you by.


What We Love About Delirio Hotel


  • Elegant rooftop terrace and views of the city
  • Contemporary style rooms
  • Excellent location with an even better price
  • Delicious breakfast


Click Here To Check Prices For Delirio Hotel On Agoda.com

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