Where To Stay In Medellin Colombia

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where to stay in medellin colombiaWhere to Stay in Medellin Colombia

{The Official Backpackers Guide}

Medellin’s diverse culture and rich history tend to just lure us backpackers in time and time again.

After spending several weeks backpacking all throughout Colombia, I have yet to come across a single traveler that did not absolutely fall head over heels in love with this illustrious city!

Not to mention that the nightlife is some of the best in Colombia.

Combine that with some of the best party hostels in Colombia being located in Medellin, staying in for the night just wasn’t an option.

In fact, one of the best things about Medellin is the outstanding quality of the hostels there.

Tell you the truth, some hostels are in truth so nice that you sometimes forget you’re even living the hostel life!

While there are a plethora of awesome hostels and even some delightful budget hotels in Medellin, the only difficult part about ultimately choosing where to stay in Medellin is attempting to sort through and decide between all of these amazing options!

But don’t worry because we have done all the research and hard work for you.

Therefore, be sure to keep reading to discover all the best hostels in Medellin Colombia.


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where to stay in Medellin Colombia

When figuring out where to stay in Medellin, there is no better place to look for accommodation except for in the neighborhood of El Poblado.

In particular, try to find accommodation close to Parque Lleras, which is basically the center of El Poblado Medellin!

This is the ‘touristy’ part of Medellin also known as “gringo town” which is abundant with hotels, hostels, bars, and restaurants.

Gringo is a term that you will be hearing quite a bit while in Colombia as a foreigner, but it is a term directed at non-Spanish speaking individuals.  (Click here for the definition)

Out of all of Medellin, El Poblado has the liveliest streets with delicious eateries everywhere you turn!

In addition to this, El Poblado is, of course, ample with some of Colombia’s best nightlife where both tourists and locals go to get lit!

Whether it be a weekday or the weekend, the vivacious streets of El Poblado are always busy and full of energetic life.

Making sure you’re in a safe area is always a must while traveling, and there is no safer place to stay in Medellin than El Poblado.

There are police practically on every corner and the general area is always quite populated both day and night until about the time the bars close.

Another benefit of staying in El Poblado Medellin is being in close in proximity to Poblado Metro Station which will be a frequent visit for you in order to travel to places like Commune 13, Parque Explora, and other attractions scattered throughout the city.

So long story short, stay in El Poblado!


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Casa Kiwi Hostel

casa kiwi hostel medellin

Best All Around Hostels In Medellin

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Casa Kiwi Hostel is the perfect hostel for anyone who wants a bit more peace and quiet while still being positioned in the heart of it all in El Poblado Medellin!

Located just a street away from Happy Buddha Hostel, Casa Kiwi is only a few steps from El Poblado’s best restaurants and nightlife all while being far enough to enjoy the peace and quiet you desire.

The rooms are nice, spacious and comfortable, security is on point, there is a pool on the rooftop and the showers are hot!

I can’t really fault Casa Kiwi Hostel, which is why it has confidently earned its position in our list of the best hostels in Medellin!

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Happy Buddha Hostel

best hostels in medellin

Best Party Hostels In Medellin

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Happy Buddha Hostel is every party hungry backpacker’s number one choice of accommodation when finding where to stay in Medellin.

Firstly, Happy Buddha Hostel is located right in the heart of El Poblado Medellin exactly where you’ll want to be staying in this big, beautiful city.

In addition to being in the best possible location, Happy Buddha Hostel has their own bar on the terrace which overlooks the vibrant streets of Medellin, and this just happens to be the first place everyone including outside backpackers and locals go to start pregaming before their night out.

It won’t take you long to see why Happy Buddha Hostel is the best party hostel in El Poblado Medellin!

In saying this, it does get quite loud at night until the bar closes at 3 so if you’re looking to get some serious shut-eye, I wouldn’t stay here!

However, if you will be out all night partying (which is hard not to do in Medellin) then I definitely recommend booking your accommodation at Happy Buddha Hostel!



Los Patios Boutique

los patios medellin colombia

HostelWorld’s Best Hostel In Colombia for 2019

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It won’t take you long to discover why Los Patios Hostel has been rated HostelWorld’s best hostel in Colombia and Latin America for 2019.

It’s of course located in El Poblado Medellin and is the only hostel I’ve come across that has its own gym and wellness center.

On top of that, it’s on the rooftop with the most perfect panoramic view of Medellin’s mountainous landscape.

If working out isn’t exactly your favorite thing to do while you’re on holidays, don’t worry – they also have an area where you can relax or socialize on the rooftop as well.

Another reason to love Los Patios is because each dorm bed has been fitted with a curtain, giving you your own much deserved privacy.

Oh, and I’d like to personally thank Los Patios Hostel for being one the only hostels in the world who realized that one power port on the wall isn’t enough to charge 8 people’s phones… YES, every dorm bed also has a power station where you can charge your electronics!

I almost forgot to add in the fact that they have an elevator! (such a luxury in the hostel backpacker world).

Needless to say, your search for where to stay in Medellin can end here, as this is one of the best hostels in Medellin.

Los Patios Hostel has got it all right.




Selina Medellin

selina hostel el poblado medellin

Best All-Around Hosel In Medellin

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Selina Medellin is a reflection of Medellin’s history and culture of art & design, which you will quickly notice as soon as you walk through the hostel doors.

The hostel is decorated with wall art and exposed brick giving Selina Medellin a downtown city livin’, artsy vibe that we just can’t get enough of!

Like all good hostels, Selina Medellin’s dorm beds have been each individually fitted with a reading light and power ports to charge everything overnight.

And just wait till you see the private rooms, because whoever built and decorated this place definitely got inspired by Pinterest because the private rooms are serious bedroom goals!

Just to add to the perfection of Selina Medellin, it’s perfectly situated next to Parque Lleras in El Poblado exactly where all the Medellin fun begins.



Hostel Rango Boutique

hostel rango hostel medellin

Best Hostels In Medellin For First Timers

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Hostel Rango Boutique is the most beautifully designed and decorated hostel in all of El Poblado Medellin.

If anyone reading this hasn’t stayed in a hostel yet because you have the impression that they’re dirty and gross, staying at Hostel Rango Boutique will completely change your opinion of hostels in no time.

Each dorm bed has power sockets, reading lights, and lockers to keep your valuables locked up!

Each private room is so beautifully furnished that it will make you forget you’re even in a hostel.

It’s located in the middle of El Poblado Medellin’s most vibrant streets, right next to Parque Lleras.

Finding where to stay in Medellin is so easy with hostels like this one!

In fact, don’t be surprised if you end up extending your stay at Hostel Rango Boutique!



Purple Monkey Hostel

Purple Monkey Hostel Medellin

Best Hostel in Medellin for Socializing

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Purple Monkey Hostel is known best for its large rooftop bar that has graffiti and artistry on every wall!

This hostel is the perfect place for backpackers looking to meet people, socialize and just have some fun during your Colombian escapade. (that covers just about all of us).

Located in El Poblado Medellin just streets away from Parque Lleras, Purple Monkey Hostel has everything you need quite literally at your doorstep.

Every dorm bed has individual power ports so you can charge all your devices at your own convenience without having to wait for a free power port! Bonus!

Basically, if you’re looking to have some fun in a social atmosphere, Purple Monkey Hostel should be your choice for where to stay in Medellin.



Hotel Dix

hotel dix medellin colombia

Best Budget Hotel in Medellin

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For those who aren’t too fond of staying in hostels, or perhaps just want a little break from hostel living, Medellin has plenty budget hotels to choose from too!

Our favorite budget hotel in El Poblado Medellin is Hotel Dix.

It’s not as cheap as a hotel dorm bed but it is quite cheap for a 4-star hotel in the heart of El Poblado.

Rooms are beautiful, spacious, comfortable, and you won’t be bothered by the hecticness of El Poblado if you don’t want to be!

On the other hand, you still have the option to walk out of your hotel just a few steps straight into the lively and effervescent streets of El Poblado.

Aside from being perfectly positioned in the center El Poblado Medellin, Hotel Dix has a jacuzzi on their rooftop, where you can relax while overlooking the crazy gorgeous views of this incredible city.

All in all, Hotel Dix is one of the best hotels in Medellin for those on a budget!



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